Sony’s ZS-S4iP Boombox Will Eat Your iPod/iPhone

Our last Sony iPhone/iPod cross-compatibility product to announce this week is the ZS-S4iP, a new boombox by Sony that has several interesting features. Be sure to click on the above picture for a much larger view. Judging by the specifications we’ve received we can say that this will be a rather basic offering by Sony. The ZS-S4iP has a tray that opens to allow the user to insert their iPod/iPhone into their boombox for extra functionality such as charging or playback through the 2x 2.0 W speakers. It’s somewhat amusing to see the iPod/iPhone UI flush with a Sony product like this – it’s a shame Sony doesn’t have such amazing interfaces. It will be weird to hit the iPod eject button on a Sony boombox, like a cassette.

This boombox will also be capable of FM/AM (with 30 presets), playback of regular CD’s, and data CD-R/W’s with MP3’s. Other small touches such as a remote, Digital Mega Bass and ID3Tag Support should make this perfect for a variety of consumers who want something simple for their home. I/O isn’t exactly known at this point, but we can see a headphone port, and an option for Audio In. We are seeing this on some Australian sites for pre-order at a price of around $179AU, which is roughly $140USD. There is no word on pricing, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see this in American and European markets for around that price.

And yes, there is a version of this boombox that comes in white. Expect to see the ZS-S4iP around October. This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

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