Target to Sell Sony Reader

Well, I suppose in a certain sense this is another one of those signs that tell you we are living in the preconcieved notion of the future. The Sony Reader (PRS-505) is coming to Target on September 14th, which will enable millions of consumers worldwide access to a device and therefore a technology that is absolutely brilliant. There simply isn’t enough people speaking about these devices. While Amazon’s Kindle has been more successful at gaining the public’s attention, I truly feel that if Sony was able to place this product in common stores like Target it will really establish consumer awareness. The only thing left for Sony to do is to make the software experience inside and out more enjoyable than the Kindle and provide the free wireless access.

Those who purchase the Reader at Target will receive a Sony eBook Store coupon code for a free, early download of “The Other Queen” by Philippa Gregory. The book is scheduled to hit store shelves on September 16. Target will also set up a display with Reader accessories like eBook Store prepaid cards, lighted covers, USB cables, AC chargers, and holders for those cables and chargers. Great job, Sony, set up more kiosks like this for Sony products; little touches like that really draw the consumer in.

Information courtesy of PCMag.

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