Cnet Reviews Sony’s 55 inch LED TV

Just out of Cnet’s lab comes the first review of Sony’s flagship LED based TV – KDL-55XBR8. There was a lot of talk on AVS forum in regards to its release as well as its younger brother 46XBR8. These TVs use Triluminos technology first introduced in Qualia TV KDX-46Q005 (I have been a happy owner of), which uses three different colors of LEDs – two green, one each red and blue.

Cnet has given this TV a 4 star out of 5 and was pretty impressed with its enhanced picture tweaking features, its deepest blacks they have ever seen on an LCD TV and highly accurate primary color points and gray scale tracking.

Of course the down sides were also depicted and one of them is pretty obvious – this TV’s price. If 7 grand is something you want to spend on a 55 incher, than be our guest… though it is interesting to note that when the first Sony LCD hit the market – KLV-30XBR900, it was priced at $5000 and I remember going to Circuit City and drooling over that 30 inch goodness…after a couple years I picked one up for a very affordable price and hung it on my bedroom wall. The new toys will always run at its highest price and as the market grows and dictates its rules we’ll see pretty affordable LED backlit TVs.

For a full Cnet review please go here and see for yourself if this TV is droolworthy for you.

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