Contrast – The Sony Flex OLED Reader Of The Future?


Sony’s Contrast* Flex OLED Reader is a super-thin Reader product concept. We were able to catch footage of its introduction video at Sony’s exhibit during CES 2009. We are assuming that Sony is assuming OLED will be the preferable choice of display for future Reader devices instead of E-Ink. Bendable material simulates the flexible reading experience from a book. Could you imagine bending a Flex OLED display to quickly flip pages, or bend the corners of each page to go through more pages? This Flex OLED reader incorporates durable Flex OLED display and high performance bioplastic.

This is an electronic Reader that could happen in five to ten years, according to chatter overheard at CES. We have no idea if Sony is going to stay this course, but it is being prototyped in Sony labs so its a good indication that yes, we will have something very similar to this one day. We can assume that such a slim, almost paper thin design like this would be most certainly possible considering flash miniaturization and other component optimization. Enjoy.

* – A seldom discussed portion of Sony’s CES 2009 exhibit is a new series of products that is referred to as Contrast. This product line is the future of Sony, as it incorporates three main technologies: OLED, touch, and physical flexibility. There were three products displayed – a Flex OLED Walkman, Reader, and VAIO laptop. engadget had some real pictures, but they were just mockups. Now we’re bringing video to the table – video we were able to capture after CES was closed on day 2 that shows off the functionality of these new products. Keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon for the last video in this segment – the Flex OLED VAIO Laptop.

OLED display capabilities in terms of color reproduction are far beyond the average LCD, which means 100% color reproduction across a wider viewing angle. Want to learn more about Flex OLED? Watch this.

This video is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first. Props to engadget for the IRL pics though.

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