Sony Rolly Gets an Internal Facelift


Rolly owners in the US….your prayers have been heard! A new Rolly firmware 2.0 and Rolly Remote software have been released. Once you perform the firmware upgrade, you will be able to do the following with Rolly Remote software:


Rolly Remote Software Features

The Rolly Remote software makes it possible to establish a Bluetooth connection between the Rolly player and the computer and perform the following Rolly functions from the computer:

  • Open the “Rolly Track List” to view the track titles
  • Select and play music tracks
  • Control the Rolly player movements in conjunction with the music
  • Connect to up to seven Rolly players at the same time


Head over to Sony Support page to get the needed files. * Software for your mobile phone to remotely control Rolly has not been announced. Hopefully Sony Ericsson could issue one?

Anyways, I am off to the upgrade my two Rollies.

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