Logitech Harmony Adapter For PS3 Gets Real, Coming At End Of May


We recieved a tip from EricDJ stating some new information about the Sony Playstation 3 Logitech Harmony Adapter, including pricing, SKU, and street date. This is information that I don’t believe is anywhere else, and through a simple Google search you can see that it is indeed legit. Best Buy actually had it listed but was removed, taken down, and is now cached. $59.99 isn’t a bad price point, but they need to bundle it with a remote to further entice users who may not even have one at all. Expect the Harmony Adapter to be available in several weeks on May 31st, at least in the USA. Best Buy had this additional picture (above) that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Distributor: Logitech
Model: 943-000029
Sku: 9274714
Upc: 0-97855-05916-1
Street date: 05.31.09
Price $59.99

There was also some specs listed in the product description.

Compatible with Harmony remotes
To give you the power to use your remote to control your home entertainment system along with your Sony PlayStation 3
Supports all 51 PlayStation 3 commands
Along with allowing you to use the XrossMediaBar, DVDs and Blu-ray Disc movies with ease.
Wireless link
Frees up your PlayStation 3’s USB ports for other use.
Guided online setup
Walks you through the process of configuring the remote for your PlayStation 3.
Always-on AC power
So the adapter is always ready for input.

The mention of AC power is kinda geeky. I guess that would help anyone out who thought this thing was battery run, or something.

Thanks Eric!

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