Sonicstage V Updated (v5.2)


Sonicstage V, the Japanese only music management software by Sony, has been updated to version 5.2. The update includes support for the NWZ-W202, higher screen resolution, and Windows Vista SP2. Sonicstage was once software that was packaged with nearly every portable music player Sony was releasing for several years. Opinions of the software ranged from favorable to intense hatred, and I can say that it wasn’t exactly the greatest at times. Sonicstage in its prime (version 4) wasn’t too bad and I rarely had problems with it. However, Sony’s product strategy shifted away from including Sonicstage with their Walkmans and went strictly drag and drop in most areas outside of Japan. When Sonicstage V was released most observers were surprised at the Japan only release – yet members of our community figured out how to install it anyways.

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