Minidisc Community Forums And ATRACLife Merging With Sony Insider Forums


Greetings. I am very excited to announce today that all of the data (posts, topics, etc), members, and so forth from Minidisc Community Forums and its once-existing sister site ATRACLife will be converged into the Sony Insider forums. I feel that this is the best way to unify all of this important data and bring a fresh appearance (and new software) to our existing users. The domain will forward to this new domain before the end of 2009. I understand that this is a big change, but it will be worth it moving forward. This will also create one of the largest forums ever dedicated to the Sony brand, as the Minidisc forum has more than 76,000 registered users and the ATRACLife forum had more than 30,000 if I recall correctly.

Thanks for your continued support.

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