Sony Set To Debut UWA-BR100 USB Wireless Adapter For TV’s, Blu-ray Players


Sony is set to debut a new USB wireless LAN adapter during CES 2010, named UWA-BR100 in the USA, specifically designed for TV’s and Blu-ray disc units. We know its destined for a CES reveal because the accompanying FCC documents have listed that several items in the filing (related to the product – such as operation manual, photos, etc) remain secret until January 8th, 2010. We don’t have any pictures of the UWA-BR100, but through FCC filings we know that it will be 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n compatible.

It’s 802.11n wireless compatibility includes 20MHz and 40MHz channels, which means this wireless adapter will be able to handle up to (theoretically) 300mbps in a perfect networking scenario. Sony is also very firm that this wireless adapter will only be compatible with home entertainment products, by stating in one of the filing documents that “this device couldn’t work when it was used to connect the device to a standard laptop PC, and this equipment can only work with the TVs and Blu-ray disc players. This device will not be recognized by the Windows/Linux/other operating system of a standard PC, and that no drivers are available which would support a configuration.”

We’re not exactly sure if this device will be backwards compatible with all Sony BRAVIA televisions and Sony Blu-ray players, but using common sense (in understanding this technology) and deductive reasoning we believe it will. We also believe that the UWA-BR100 will enable every single BRAVIA television and Sony Blu-ray player with USB to have access to the upcoming Sony Online Service along with its current online offerings. Sony Insider covered the aforementioned Sony Online Service in a very extensive blog posting recently that sheds light on an amazing new digital ecosystem Sony is set to debut in 2010; it isn’t just an iTunes competitor, but much more.

One question remains, though – will the UWA-BR100 work with other non-Sony Televisions and Blu-ray players that have a USB port? Could Sony be aiming to bring the Sony Online Service to more than just its devices? It seems very unlikely, but not impossible.

This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

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