Sony Japan Reveals Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses And Emitter Pricing

At long last, we are finally starting to get an official indication from Sony as to how much their active shutter 3D glasses and emitter will cost. Those of you planning to buy a 3D capable 2010 BRAVIA TV have been very curious about 3D accessory pricing. Sony’s upcoming 3D capable BRAVIA TV’s for 2010 include the LX900, HX700, HX800, HX900 and NX900 series – however the LX900 is the only model that comes with the glasses (two, specifically) and emitter. Learn more about the Sony 3D TV experience.

Available in June, the TDG-BR100 (above) and TDG-BR50 active shutter 3D glasses will be available to purchase in Japan for about Y12,000, which is roughly $133USD. The glasses’ width can be adjusted for those with larger faces or if you wear glasses. I was initially expecting these accessories to cost around $199, but if Sony can keep it around $125 or lower that would far better. Here are the TDG-BR50 glasses in blue and pink (no word if these are regionally exclusive colors):

Sony Japan also detailed how much the 3D infrared emitter (below) would cost that you will need to have for your active shutter 3D glasses – it will be about Y5,000, which is roughly $55USD. The BRAVIA LX900 series already has the emitter built-in.

Sony Japan stated that their line of 3D capable TV’s should be available around June in Japan, with similar launch times for other regions.

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