Sony Bloggie Camera/Camcorder Gets Huge Revamp For CES 2011 Including 3D, Dual Screens

The Sony Bloggie camera/camcorder has gone through quite the evolution since its debut several years ago. The first model was rather funky in appearance, and its slick successor with aluminum finish brought back the sense of high quality we all know and love from Sony. Sony has lost a lot of ground in digital imaging from competitors such as Cisco’s Flip series, so let’s see what the 2011 Bloggie brings to the table.

There are three new Bloggie MP4 cameras debuting at CES 2011: the Bloggie, Bloggie Duo, and Bloggie 3D.

All of the models have several base features, including a 2.7 inch screen, Steadyshot, 5 megapixel Exmor sensor and 1920×1080 MP4 video recording capability. We were surprised to see Sony drop the Bloggie from 12 megapixels to 5, as the late 2010 model had 12. I have a feeling the camera will still capture photos similar to the iPhone 4, which is still fantastic. Auto Focus and Auto Macro mode are also included, as well as Dual Record, which allows you to take photos while shooting video.

Sharing content with a Bloggie camera is easy – you can either upload (and also charge) using the built-in USB slide out arm, or via the HDMI output.

The most advanced Bloggie is the obviously the 8GB 3D-equipped Bloggie (MHS-FS3), which has two lenses/sensors on the rear to capture 3D images and video. Sony is saying this is the world’s first 3D pocket camera, and we have a feeling we will see more 3D pocket cameras from the competition in 2011.

The Bloggie 3D will cost $250 when it hits stores in April, and also has interesting features such as a stereo microphone and built-in LED light for easier shooting in dark situations. Hopefully the LED isn’t blinding.

The 4GB Bloggie Duo (MHS-FS2) is a keen model that responds well to Samsung’s innovative dual screen point and shoot cameras. The rear of the device has a 2.7 inch screen like the other Bloggie models, but differs by the inclusion of a 2.0 inch screen on the front for easier self-portraits. Bloggie Duo comes in four colors, including violet, green, pink and white and will go on sale in March for $170.

The most basic Bloggie (MHS-FS1) is the slimmest of the bunch and lacks some features compared to its brethren. The Bloggie will go on sale in March for $150 and will be available in black and white.

Jan 2011

Sony Reveals TX100V Point And Shoot Camera With OLED And 3D

Sony’s flagship point and shoot camera announced at CES 2011 is the new DSC-TX100V. Featuring a goregous 3.5 inch OLED screen, you can review and show off your pictures with color reproduction far superior to LCD.

Aside from that bombshell, there’s also the fact the TX100V records in full 1080@60p mode. At the time of announcement, this is supposedly a world first for compact digital still cameras, but we expect that to become the norm amongst the competition in 2011. The quality should be pretty excellent, as the company has the reputation to jam high quality sensors in a tiny package. We are definitely going to record some test videos for you to check out soon.

Colors available for this little dynamo include silver, back and red this March. Price is high end for this product category at $380, but it should be a heavy contender compared to the competition.

Sony has crammed in even more groundbreaking features with the introduction of 3D Still Image capture, a first for this generation. Sony is also bringing back the 3D Sweep Panorama mode. Perhaps the combination of these two features will entice the consumer to become more interested in 3D. Hopefully we can upload this type of content to Facebook one day.

The camera also touts a Sweep Multi Angle, which simulates the 3D effect of the photo you’d see on TV, but on the camera screen by merely tilting the device.

For quick use of the TX100V in any situation, Sony has updated its Auto modes, and have also included 36 still picture modes. There’s also a background defocus mode, which is commonly found on DSLR’s, interchangeable lens cameras (such as the NEX series, Samsung NX or Olympus Pen). Background defocus can really make for some nice shots, and will delight digital imaging enthusiasts.

As for specifications, the popular and high quality 16.2 megapixel/10fps Exmor R CMOS sensor is back again, which shoots brilliant photos even in low light. We’ve shot with a Exmor R-equipped device before in the past and it blows away cameras from years prior that don’t have this technology.

Jan 2011

Sony Launches Incredible 3D Consumer Camcorder

Say hello to the most advanced consumer camcorder Sony has ever released – the HDR-TD10 “double full HD” 3D camcorder, launched at CES 2011. This is one serious performer, and features dual Sony G lenses, dual Exmor R sensors, and dual BIONZ image processors.

Thankfully, for those of you who don’t have 3D displays quite yet, the TD10 records 2D HD perfectly well. Other standard features include 64GB of built in flash memory, a generous 3.5 inch LCD screen, 10x optical zoom, Optical Steadyshot, and other attractive features. The price point, $1500 when it debuts this April) seems fair for a first generation 3D consumer camcorder, especially considering this is a new type of product.

Sony HDR-TD10 3D High-Definition Flash Memory Handycam Camcorder
Available in April for about $1500

  • World’s first “Double Full HD” 3D consumer camcorder w/ Integrated Dual Camera System – two Sony G Lenses, “Exmor R” CMOS sensors, “BIONZ” processors
  • 3D or 2D HD recording with double full HD 1920×1080 video recording and 7- megapixel still image capture in photo mode (2D)
  • View contents in 3D on the 3.5“ WIDE 3D/2D Xtra Fine with TruBlack technology LCD (1229K) without needing 3D glasses
  • 64GB of internal flash memory, for 60p/24p recording capability in 2D
  • Optical SteadyShot w/ Active Mode and iAuto even in 3D
  • 10x optical zoom in 3D (12x in 2D), 17x Extended Zoom
  • Event Browse for automatic grouping of content by events and Highlight Playback & Highlight Share (2D only) to create highlight reels automatically
  • Built-in mic w/ 5.1ch surround system, Clear Phase stereo speakers with S- Master technology, wind noise reduction, mic/HP jack, and audio level meter
Jan 2011

Sony To Invest $1.2 Billion On Image Sensor Production

Sony is increasing production capacity for CMOS image sensors in a big way by investing 100 billion yen ($1.2 billion) in acquired fabrication facilities and a robust product line expansion. These investments will further strengthen Sony’s production capacity for “Exmor” and “Exmor R” CMOS image sensors in order to meet increased demand from markets such as those for smartphones and Digital Still Cameras. Through this increase of capacity, Sony expects to solidify its position as the world’s leading company in CMOS image sensors and CCD image sensors.

Toshiba is playing a large role in this process by transferring its existing facilities located at Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation’s Nagasaki Technology Center. Here’s some further detail from the official announcement:

This investment plan includes (i) the transfer of the semiconductor fabrication facilities from Toshiba Corporation (“Toshiba”) contemplated under a non-binding memorandum of understanding between Sony and Toshiba jointly announced on December 24, 2010, (ii) refurbishment of a part of the above semiconductor fabrication facilities into new wafer lines capable of manufacturing CMOS image sensors, and (iii) refurbishment and equipment of a part of production facilities at Nagasaki TEC Building 3 for wafer processing to differentiate Sony’s CMOS image sensors with Sony’s independently developed unique technologies.*1 Through the investment plan, Sony will utilize a governmental subsidy to be provided by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan – the “subsidy for programs to promote siting low-carbon job-creating industries” – mainly in connection with the investment mentioned in (iii) above.

Sony’s total production capacity for CCD and CMOS image sensors will increase from the current level of approximately 25,000 wafers per month to approximately 50,000 wafers per month by the end of March 2012.

Dec 2010

Top Sony Gifts For The Holidays Under $300

There are literally hundreds of gift recommendations I could give for Sony products, but instead I will simply choose a few that are guaranteed to impress and are below $300. There are many great ideas here for digital imaging, audio, and some tips for the PlayStation 3 as well.

In this article, we provide links to SonyStyle and have pricing listed merely as reference. If the prices listed here still seem high, we recommend checking out other e-tailers selling these products. A great way to compare prices is to always check Amazon, Google Product Search, or SlickDeals (just put the product name in the search field). Great savings can be found for many of the items listed here in those websites, but SonyStyle is still able to guarantee Christmas shipping if you order as soon as possible.


While Sony sells many point and shoot cameras I really have to put all of my energy towards the DSC-TX5 ($279). It is one of the greatest portable compact cameras Sony has ever made. The TX5 is waterproof (up to ten feet), dustproof, shockproof (can be dropped five feet), and freeze-proof. I bought one for my girlfriend and we had so much fun over the summer shooting pictures underwater at the pool, shooting HD video underwater while making funny faces, and more. She took the camera on a girls beach trip and the pictures she came back with were stunning.

For many people, these type of features are a dream come true. Imagine dropping your camera and not worrying about it breaking, or being able to jump in the water with it and take great shots. The TX5 also has a 3.0″ wide touch screen, 4x optical zoom, “Exmor R” sensor, iSweep Panorama Mode, and 10fps (pictures per second) at the camera’s full 10.2 megapixels. The TX5 is easy to use – almost anyone can use its easy to understand touchscreen interface. There’s also five great colors to choose from, including red, pink, silver, green and black.

If you have not tried a 2010 Sony point and shoot camera, the pictures are seem so much higher in quality thanks to the Exmor R sensor. Sony also has some dynamite looking camera cases that are worth looking into.

A cheaper digital imaging gift is the versatile Bloggie Touch, which is a stylish 12.8 megapixel camera and 1080P video recorder. The Touch comes in a 8GB ($179, 4 hour video) or 4GB ($159, 2 hour video) models, and both will be more than sufficient for the Facebook or YouTube enthusiast in your life. The videos are recorded in an easy to upload format that can be transferred easily with the built-in USB stick. Did we mention it also has Auto Macro (for easy, close up shots and videos) as well as 4x digital zoom? Not too shabby.

There are a couple simple gift recommendations I can give for Sony audio products.

The first that comes to mind is the W Series Walkman ($59), which is a wearable one-piece audio player. The W Series is water-resistant, quick-charging, and comfortably wraps around your head and fits in your ear. There is 2GB of storage built-in to the device and is perfect for someone who runs or does other activities. We did a hands-on with this music player and it withstood some really tough workouts. It’s far superior than using your iPhone or iPod because it eliminates pesky headphone wires and is more durable.

If that didn’t really win you over, then at least give the gift of better sound. I cannot stand seeing people wear those tacky white iPhone/iPod earbuds knowing they are experiencing inferior audio quality. You wouldn’t believe the difference when you put on a nice quality pair of Sony earphones. Plus they just look amazing. Scout around in the SonyStyle earbuds section, or look further at Sony’s unique PIIQ line of headphones and earbuds, which has some really funky designs and poppy colors. You really can’t go wrong with this option and it’s a gift that will definitely be used over and over.

The Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer ($149) is a cool gift for the geek that has everything, or someone who could use a little spice of tech in their life. The Dash has a 7″ screen that shows off everything from weather, e-mail, traffic, sports, social networking, movies, music, games and more. There are more than a thousand apps for it, including Netflix watch instantly and Hulu Plus. Can your alarm clock do that? The only downside is that it doesn’t have a dock for the iPhone/iPod.

If you’re looking for a great iPhone/iPod dock, Sony has several options. Some have a clock radio, and others are merely speaker systems. The ICF-CS10iP is a perfect example of having a speaker dock and clock radio combined. The audio quality of some Sony docks is actually surprising, and some can also get very loud. While we’re in our room, my girlfriend and I often listen to Jazz internet streams or other audio from my iPhone on the ICF-CS10iP and it sounds great. There is pretty much something for everyone in numerous price ranges all the way up to $250.

PlayStation 3

There are more gift options for the PlayStation 3 than ever before. If you know someone who has the console and are thinking of giving them a gift, this really may be your best bet.

If he or she doesn’t have a PS3, this is definitely the right time. It really is one of the greatest gaming systems ever released. And I’m not just saying that because I run Sony Insider. Most people who have really given the console some time would agree. Even though I play FPS games on the PC, there are several titles I have put many hours into on the PS3. The crazy thing is that the hits just keep coming for the console. Gran Turismo 5 is a perfect example of the true power of the PS3 with its access to over 1,000 vehicles and dozens of racetracks.

There are three official PS3 options, including the PS3/PlayStation Move bundle (320GB/$299), and regular PS3 (320GB/$349), and PS3 (160GB/$299) systems. You can find the 160GB model for less than $299 with some easy sleuthing. All the versions of the console come with huge hard drives, the incredible quality of movies and music on Blu-ray, 3D movie and gaming compatibility, free PlayStation network access, built-in Wi-Fi and so much more. It can be used as a device that can stream or playback numerous types of audio and has a lot of use as a networked device. The PS3 has access to a wealth of games, and also some really interesting content on the PlayStation store. They sell a variety of videos at the Store as well and it also has access to Hulu, Netflix, etc. Some people overlook the fact the PS3 also has a fully functional web browser with flash.

In a nutshell, the PS3 is a really great start towards building a media center for that LCD in the living room. It doesn’t necessarily trump the XBOX360 in every regard, but it still has several untouchable advantages.

Game gift recommendations are really easy – the biggest titles I can easily think of include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption, NBA JAM, Uncharted 2, Super Street Fighter IV, LittleBigPlanet, and essentially anything else in this list. Any of those aforementioned games will provide dozens, if not hundreds of hours of enjoyable gameplay and have incredible replay value. Also, if they already have Gran Turismo 5, then just get them this PS3-compatible Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel, which will seriously accelerate their experience from zero to awesome.

One of the easiest recommendations for a PS3 owner I can give is the PlayStation Move, which is an incredibly accurate Motion Controller for the PS3. The experience is like the Nintendo Wii, but more accurate and in HD. Sony has a $99 bundle that includes a PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move controller and the game Sports Champions. That’s all you need to start. We’ve covered the Move extensively in a video hands-on earlier this year and it did not disappoint. I also own a PlayStation Move myself, and I can tell you it really put some interest back in the system for me. THe great part is that they also sell some interesting PlayStation Move games and demos on the PlayStation store, along with many great games that support the technology. The PlayStation Move, only in its infancy, has already transformed the potential for the PS3.

I fully expect second generation Move titles to be even more amazing than the first. Sorcery, one of many Move-compatible titles coming in 2011, is a great example of what I’m talking about here.

The Move has many accessories that goes with it, which is also a nice thing for someone giving a gift to a person that has it already. The official list of PlayStation Move add-ons includes several options. A second Motion Controller is an easy buy, and is useful in singleplayer and encourages more local mutliplayer action – reasonable at $49. The Navigation Controller ($29) is a smart purchase for someone who has games that require precise movement and will be essential for Move-based FPS games (like MAG, Killzone 3, etc).

A heavily recommended purchase is the PlayStation Move charging station ($29), which keeps the controllers fully charged and upright in a nice looking base. I bought this immediately when I got the Move because of the convenience. It’s much better than just leaving the wands laying around. If placed appropriately, they are always a conversation piece as well, which will lead to playing.

There’s also the PlayStation Move shooting attachment ($19), which seems a little childish looking in comparison to the third party options out there. If your getting them a FPS game for the PS3 that has Move compatibility, then the gun is the way to go.

I hope some of these recommendations help you on your way to giving the perfect Sony gift these holidays.

Sony NXCAM to be Released in Summer of 2011

When Sony released their groundbreaking world’s first interchangeable camcorder NEX-VG10, they mentioned that a professional model will follow as well. Currently under development, new NXCAM has surfaced and like its semi-professional cousin, it will be compatible with e-Mount lenses as well as “α” A-mount lenses. It will deliver 1080p (60p / 30p / 24p or 50p / 25p) recording modes in AVCHD, something that NEX-VG10 is missing and left with 1080i to entertain your video projects. Here is a little video teaser and a short press release. Looks a little boxy, but  we’ll take it anyways, even though it will cost probably 3 times more than NEX-VG10.

Sony Corporation announced today that it is developing a new type of E-mount interchangeable lens camcorder for professional use that is equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent large format CMOS sensor. This new addition to Sony’s professional “NXCAM” line will be available in the middle of 2011.

Already a key player in the 35mm digital cinematography business with the highly acclaimed “CineAlta” F35 and SRW-9000PL for high-end digital cinema production, Sony has just strengthened its lineup in this category with the recent PMW-F3 announcement. In addition to this, with this new “NXCAM” HD camcorder now (still under development), Sony looks to further strengthen its position in the entry-level segment by providing an affordable yet highly capable professional solution for many applications including independent film, music video and corporate communications all looking for the cinematic look.

This “NXCAM” HD camcorder under development will be equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent sensor, a widely used film stock size in the film industry that is perfectly designed for capturing motion picture. This new sensor will have extraordinary performance in terms of picture quality and sensitivity, and is able to create rich “Bokeh” effect (beautifully defocused image) that is perfect for artistic story-telling in motion picture.

Thanks to the adoption of the E-mount interchangeable lens system that is identical to the “α” series NEX-5, 3 and “Handycam” NEX-VG10, the E-mount lenses will be compatible with this new professional camcorder. In addition, a very short flange back distance (the distance between lens mount surface and sensor surface) let various “α” A-mount lenses be mounted via a mount adapter (LA-EA1). Furthermore, it is also possible to attach many other lenses using third-party mount adapters*1. With such flexibility, users will be able to experiment with various creative expressions by exploiting the characteristics of different optics.

Nov 2010

Sony NEX-3 in Pink is Now Available in the US

In a very surprising move SonyStyle USA has announced that their  interchangeable lens NEX-3D/P camera will be released in Pink. You may order it online (it is currently backordered) for $699 and it will be bundled with two lenses: the pancake type SEL16F28 E-mount 16mm F2.8 lens and SEL1855 E-mount 18-55mm lens. Something that we thought was exclusive to Japan will be appearing on SonyStyle store shelves pretty soon. We are not sure if SonyStyle will be selling its pink accessories we reported earlier about but we will be happy with this new addition.

I’d highly recommend getting this DSLR like camera in a compact form factor. I own a red NEX-3 and the quality of the images is outstanding. Great Christmas gift for your other half. Now, Sony, where is that VAIO X in pink?

Nov 2010

Sony’s Alpha NEX-3 Digital Camera And Its Many Accessories In Pink

Sony Japan is releasing a new pink variant of its well-favored Alpha NEX-3 camera in several weeks. The pink version of the camera is now available in the USA (added 11/11) and will be sold in Japan on November 19th along with a slew of accessories we show off below.

The NEX-3 is a fascinating device, one of Sony’s first APS-C interchangable lens compact digital cameras and offers several interesting features. Notable features include 14.2 megapixel sensor, 7fps shooting, HD movies at 720p/30p, 3D Sweep Panorama, Auto HDR, Live View, Tiltable LCD, and a brand new interface different than any of their other cameras.

You really have to try a Sony NEX camera if you haven’t before, as it offers an interesting glimpse into the future of Sony camera technology.

The camera itself is very small and thin, and its amusing to see a large lens attached to it. Despite the appearance of a point-and-shoot, the NEX series gives the owner the ability to use many lenses (E-Mount, but LA-EA1 A-Mount converter is available).

Currently Sony sells White, Black and Red versions of this camera in the USA. It will be interesting to see if the Pink version makes its way around the world. I’m sure the ladies and dandies out there will love it.

Here is a little glimpse at the pink accessories Sony Japan has cooked up that are coming in conjunction with the release of the Pink NEX-3, many of which will work just fine with the NEX-5:

One of the most eye-catching new pink accessories for the NEX is the LCS-EML2A lens cover for E18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. Sony really has gone all out this year with camera accessories, which doesn’t surprise me as I bet they see continued growth the more they experiment.

Then there’s the more general pink case package (LCM-EMA) for the NEX series, which comes with a soft felt pink pouch for lens, pink wrist strap, and hard pink case for the camera.

There’s also an all-encompassing pink accessory package (ACC-FWGA) which has many items, including a spare battery (NP-FW50), Screen Protector (PCK-LS1EM), pink wrapping/protective cloth (LCS-WR2AM), pink wrist strap..and what appears to be a smaller carrying case.

You can’t go on without a pink wrapping/cleaning cloth (LCS-WR2AM) for the NEX, which protects your camera by preventing scratches and so forth.

Can’t forget about the pink leather hard case (LCS-EMB2A) for the NEX-3, which provides great protection for the camera in style. Here’s what a NEX-3 looks like with this case on.

Sony Japan is also offering a dashing pink shoulder strap (STP-XH1) for the NEX series.

Nov 2010

Sony NEX-3 & NEX-5 Get Firmware Upgrade, New Enhancements

Sony Europe has let firmware version 3 loose for NEX-3/5 users that allows using Auto Focus with A-mount lenses (requiring a separate LA-EA1 Lens Mount Adaptor which also was blessed with a firmware of its own). Mac users can also upgrade their NEX cameras. A number of other improvements were added to the mix like:

  • Customizable Soft Key settings. It’s possible to customize functions of two of the three soft keys on the camera’s rear panel. Functions that can be assigned include Shooting Mode, Shooting Tips, Precision Digital Zoom, ISO, White Balance, Metering Mode, Flash Compensation, DRO, Auto HDR, Creative Style, MF Assist and AF Area.
  • Menu start. When ‘Menu’ is selected, there is now the option to display either the main menu screen or the last parameter set. This simplifies quick readjustment of recently-selected functions and settings.
  • Aperture priority with video recording. HD video can be shot while maintaining constant aperture, either in A (aperture priority) mode or in iAuto mode with background defocus activated. This aids the simple creation of beautiful background defocus effects during movie recording.
  • MF Assist. An enlarged image portion can be displayed on screen with user-selectable duration while in MF (Manual Focus) Assist mode. MF Assist operation has also been improved. The previously-chosen magnified image portion can now be maintained when MF Assist is re-selected, making repeated checks of fine focus quicker and more convenient.

Check out full press release below. Hopefully Sony US Support for these NEX cameras will follow suit and post the same info, however if you cannot wait, just hit the download link and get your update now.


Firmware upgrade adds AF support for A-mount lenses

A new firmware upgrade adds further operating refinements to the NEX-5 and NEX-3 compact system cameras from Sony.

Available now for download1 with versions available for Windows and Mac OS2, the free upgrade adds several performance enhancements. Autofocus is now supported when using the NEX-5 and NEX-3 with 14 lenses from the full range of A-mount optics by Sony and Carl Zeiss that includes telephotos, primes and zooms. Aperture settings can be maintained during HD movie recording, and system menu operation has been streamlined alongside other usability improvements. Registered NEX-5/NEX-3 owners will be advised of the free update via email.

Autofocus with A-mount lenses
Single-shot autofocus is supported with 14 optional A-mount SAM and SSM lens models3 when used with the optional LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor. Single-shot AF is also possible while in movie recording mode by pressing the shutter button halfway down. Support for AF operation with A-mount lenses also requires a separate firmware upgrade for the LA-EA1.

Aperture priority with video recording
HD video can be shot while maintaining constant aperture, either in A (aperture priority) mode or in iAuto mode with background defocus activated. This aids the simple creation of beautiful background defocus effects during movie recording.

Soft key settings
It’s possible to customise functions of two of the three soft keys on the camera’s rear panel. Functions that can be assigned include Shooting Mode, Shooting Tips, Precision Digital Zoom, ISO, White Balance, Metering Mode, Flash Compensation, DRO, Auto HDR, Creative Style, MF Assist and AF Area.

Menu start
When ‘Menu’ is selected, there is now the option to display either the main menu screen or the last parameter set. This simplifies quick readjustment of recently-selected functions and settings.

MF Assist
An enlarged image portion can be displayed on screen with user-selectable duration while in MF (Manual Focus) Assist mode. MF Assist operation has also been improved. The previously-chosen magnified image portion can now be maintained when MF Assist is re-selected, making repeated checks of fine focus quicker and more convenient.

Notes to editors
1 NEX-5/NEX-3 customers can download the firmware upgrade from

2 System requirements [PC]: Windows XP SP3 (64-bit and Starter editions not supported); Windows Vista SP2 (Starter edition not supported); Windows 7
System requirements [Macintosh]: OS X (Ver.10.5 and Ver.10.6).
[PC/Mac] Hard disk space: min. 200MB / RAM: min. 512MB.
Upgrade requires USB cable connection between computer and NEX-5/NEX-3.

3 Autofocus function is supported with these A-mount lenses:
SAM lenses
· DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM [SAL1855]

· 28-75mm F2.8 SAM [SAL2875],

· DT 55-200mm F4-5.6 SAM [SAL55200-2]

· DT 30mm F2.8 Macro SAM [SAL30M28]

· DT 35mm F1.8 SAM [SAL35F18]

· DT 50mm F1.8 SAM [SAL50F18]

· 85mm F2.8 SAM [SAL85F28]

SSM lenses
· Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM [SAL1635Z]

· Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM [SAL2470Z]

· Distagon T* 24mm F2 ZA SSM [SAL24F20Z]

· 70-200mm F2.8 G [SAL70200G]

· 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G SSM [SAL70300G]

· 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM [SAL70400G]

· 300mm F2.8 G [SAL300F28G]

AF support also requires firmware upgrade for optional LA-EA1 Lens Mount Adaptor.
With an A-mount lens attached to NEX-5/NEX-3, autofocus takes approximately 2 to 7 seconds based on Sony measurement standards. Actual AF time with A-mount lens may vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions.

Oct 2010

Sony A55 And A33 DSLR Cameras Can Get Too Hot When Shooting Video

Recording high-definition movies or shooting still images continuously at a high speed with Sony’s APS-C size image sensor, found in the well-received SLT-A33/A55/A55V, requires a large amount of power. Therefore, if you keep recording continuously, the temperature inside the camera, especially the image sensor, will increase. As the increase in temperature would affect the image quality and overload the internal system of the camera, the camera is designed to turn off automatically.

Sony was not exactly clear about this issue when the camera debuted in late August, and only issued this warning several days ago. To their credit, Sony did state from the beginning that these cameras would only be able to shoot up to 29 minutes of video. The A33/A55 are capable of shooting in AVCHD (1080i) and in MP4 (1440 x 1080/640 x 480) formats.

The table below shows the approximate recording time for which you can record a movie continuously (until the recording automatically stops) when you start recording after the camera is turned off for a while. You can record a movie for a longer time by setting [SteadyShot] to [Off].

Note: The continuous movie recording time varies depending on the ambient temperature and the camera’s usage status before recording. If you turn on the camera and keep using it for composing the subject or shooting still images, the temperature inside the camera increases and the recording time may be shorter than those listed in the table below.

When the recording stops due to the high temperature, please leave the camera turned off for several minutes, and start recording again after the camera cools down. For example, if you use the SLT-A55 at 30° C (86° F) and leave it turned off for 5 to 10 minutes after recording stops due to high temperature, approximately 3 to 4 minutes of recording is available.

To record a movie continuously for a longer time, consider these options:

  • Avoid exposing the camera to direct sunlight as much as possible.
  • Turn off the power when the camera is not in use.
  • Use a tripod if possible, and set [SteadyShot] to [Off].
Oct 2010