Sony Will Use RealD’s 3D Technology In Its Consumer Electronics Strategy


The WSJ is reporting that Sony is implementing RealD’s technology in its desire to bring 3D to the mainstream consumer electronics industry in 2010. So as you read that you probably fret and think its going to be some proprietary system only owned by Sony. Fortunately, their agreement isn’t exclusive so other manufacturers can use RealD when they respond and bring competition to Sony’s 3D TV next year. Sony really surprised a lot of people with its bold words for a big 3D product line – they now have a beautifully designed website dedicated to it called “3D Home.”

Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen – the glasses are actually decent looking (at least the ones I have used at trade shows), heavier than the movie theater version and in wraparound style, but I have heard that it won’t be long till designers start making 3D glasses too. Gucci 3D glasses? It’s not as far off as you think.

3D is really a bold gamble by Sony, a company that has been winding a curvy path these last few years, but it could pay off. We have been impressed with RealD’s efforts, and our general short sentence impression is “This is really something that could be incredible for the home.” I must reinforce there is a big difference between it and the plastic glasses most of you have used at the theaters – this is an active shutter system. To read more, check out our various RealD 3D impressions – or our direct, very informative review “Hands On With RealD’s CrystalEyes 4 Active Shutter 3D Glasses, And The Framework For Sony’s 3D Movement.”

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