First Sony Store Opens in Los Angeles

As we reported earlier Sony has come through and announced its first ever Sony Store that recently opened its doors in Los Angeles, California (Century City). Following the success and lusciousness of recently opened Sony Store in Nagoya, Japan, the new LA store will bring a totally new experience that customers will be pleasantly surprised with. The overabundance of Sony products will allow customers to play around, experiment as well as witness some future technologies that are still to come (you won’t see the hybrid VAIO or a Sony branded tablet just yet). The openness and spaciousness is definitely a huge improvement over the current SonyStyle stores, and hopefully the future roll out of this venture will follow the trend. Pretty much all 29 current SonyStyle stores will be simply re-branded and remodeled to Sony Stores and possibly move to bigger spaces at the malls, however there were quite a few of those stores that were recently closed for good. So even though the Style is going to be gone in the wording, it looks like it is far from being gone in the philosophy and aesthetics of the new stores to come.  We will probably see a new website name as well that will replace as a shopping online destination.

If you are in LA, definitely pay a visit to this new store as you may end to win cool prizes. Check out the latest blog post and view a video above where SGNL host takes you around the store.

Here is another video of Sony USA executive introducing the store:



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