Do you prefer CONNECT Player or SonicStage?

Instead of the usual news story, we here at ATRACLife are interested in understanding how the community feels about Sony’s new software. This is a poll for our forum users to answer, simply asking the principal question of which Sony music management software they prefer. If this topic is a success, we will introduce a more specific poll with more specific questions. Connect Player has reached a somewhat stable point, so it’s fair to compare it to Sonicstage at this time.

We would also appreciate specific reasonings behind your answer as a reply to this topic. Any posts that are hostile in nature will be removed, as the intent of this topic is not to foster such emotions. If we feel that your words are sound enough, we will forward them to Sony’s software development accordingly. ATRACLife has become a very promiment voice in the world of Sony portable music players, so we can make a difference with our words as long as its organized.

For those of you who are reading our portal, please click to vote/reply here:


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