SonicStage CP 4.0 Has Finally Arrived!!


SonicStage CP 4.0 has finally arrived! As mentioned in our previous report, the new SonicStage CP 4.0 includes full support for features exclusive to the WALKMAN A Series. Therefore, we were hoping Sony will finally make SonicStage a fully unicode software since it’s been tweaked to support the WALKMAN A Series. Unfortunately, unicode support has yet to be implemented with this update. On the bright side, it is already apparent that there is a substantial increase in the navigational speed, especially in previously laggy areas such as ‘My Library’. Accordingly, SonicStage CP 4.0 now supports the following WALKMAN devices:

  • Hi-MD Walkman
  • Net MD Walkman
  • NW-E series
  • NW-A series
  • NW-HD series
  • NW-M S Series
  • ATRAC CD Walkman

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Sony Japan | Sony Europe | Sony USA | Sony Asia-Pacific | JEB


  • Support for the Walkman A series. 
  • Recording and playback support for AAC format – encode and transfer 3GP/MP4/M4A at 80-320kbps.
  • AAC tunes in SonicStage CP can be transferred directly to the NW-A3000/A1200/A1000 without converting them to ATRAC format.
    a. Firmware version 3.0 is required for this feature. –> click here for more details
    b. Copyright protected AAC files cannot be played back
  • Artist Link function is now available on SonicStage CP 4.0.  
  • Full support of Intelligent features exclusive to the Walkman A series.
  • Selectable background image. 


SonicStage :
SonicStage Add-on for Personal Audio Download :
OpenMG Secure Module :
MagicGate Memory Stick Device :
NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P :
OpenMG CD :
M.S. PRO :
CD Walkman :
ATRAC Audio Device with Intelligent function :
Hi-MD :
Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 :
ATRAC Audio Device :
Net MD :
EMD Plug-in :
CD-R 書き込みモジュール(Audio CD/ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) :
Px Engine :


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