European PS3 Owners Can Sign Up To Beta Test

Great news to our friends in Europe – Sony has opened registration for you to beta test new titles before they are released! You must be 18 or over, able to read and give feedback in English, be a European resident, and have a Playstation 3 with a broadband connection. The beta site suggests, “You do not need to be technologically minded. However, you must be flexibile and be prepared to set aside some of your spare time and evenings to participate in specific Test Nights, general game testing and surveys..”

Seems pretty straightforward. I beta tested once for a SOCOM PSP title and it was pretty neat to get a plain brown box with an unreleased game that said beta all over the disc. I kinda felt like a secret agent and ran back into the house with glee until I realized the game was horrible. 🙁

Sign up here to become an European Playstation 3 Beta Tester.

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