NWZ-E435, NWZ-E436, NWZ-E438 Appears On Sony’s New Zealand Website

Listen my children, and you shall hear of the midnight release of Sony’s new NW-E first announced here. Sony has released information on the latest in the E series, the NWZ-E435 (2GB), NWZ-E436 (4GB), and NWZ-E438 (8GB). Each device has a 2.0 inch QVGA TFT LCD screen that is capable of displaying 262,144 colors. These will be as slim as possible at 8.5mm and will only weigh 50g. A FM tuner is included, and codec support is the usual MP3 / WMA / AAC / Linear PCM. Battery life is rated 1150 songs/76h 40m (48kbps), 885 songs/59h (64kbps), 440 songs/29h 20m (128kbps), 220 songs/14h 40m (256kbps), 175 songs/11h 40m (320kbps) for music. Battery life for video is rated at 7h 10m at 384kbps video, 4h at 768kbps video. Transferring music is easy as each device is drag and drop and compatible with Windows Media Player and even iTunes.

These devices should be slipping out to international channels over the next month or two, but pricing is not immediately known. Pricing should be similar to existing models of the same capacity and priced competitively. The 2GB NWZ-E435 will be available in black or pink; the 4GB NWZ-E436 will be available in black, blue, pink or red; the 8GB NWZ-E438 will be available in black. No word yet if color variations will be limited to certain regions. This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

p.s. We’ve seen some specs of the rest of the Sony MP3 lineup that is coming and it is very exciting. More details soon. Don’t be too critical of the E-series, they are more for the budget conscious.

A big thanks to bob123 at our forums for pointing this out. Scroll down on this page to see the entire NW-E range with their seperate color configurations.

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