Update2: The TT was officially released today. Check it out.

Update: We found specifications on the TT series at SonyStyle’s Vaio Advisor Tool.

According to several forum users at NotebookReview, the next TZ series will be labeled as the TT series and more information about these notebooks will debut on Monday. b|lly started the rumor fire by simply stating, “Its finally here! The next TZ serie will be TT. Hope to get specs and prices soon. It suppose to hit europe in 3-4 weeks time.” Another poster by the name of Nixon chimed in and added, “You’ll find out Monday what it’s called and what it is.” and confirmed that it’s not a netbook, but a “notebook.” We agree.

This image above is from a FCC DTS report. After spending some time reading over various PDF’s, we can now confirm the specific model numbers in the TT series will be PCG-4Q1L, PCG-4Q3L, and PCG-4Q4L. We can also confirm that this new Vaio TT series will have 802.11a/b/g/n, bluetooth, and the PCG-4Q1L will have EVDO. Why do we know this? Because of the aforementioned FCC filings. Check out the image below from the FCC Label ID and Location Info (click for larger version):

Internet retailer B&H has also somewhat confirmed this new series of Sony laptops by recently modifying their listing for the VAIO Privacy Filter for TZ laptops by changing the title to “Vaio Privacy Filter for TZ and TT Series.” With this in mind, it’s fair to assume that the TT series will probably have the same 11.1 inch screen as the TZ.

Stay tuned to Sony Insider for more information when we recieve it. This news is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first. Thanks, Ascariss.

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