CEATEC: Sony’s Vaio TT Dissected

I love these dissection pictures; it really shows you the amazing miniaturization ability that Sony has achieved in recent years. When we first announced the specifications of the Vaio TT to the world, many people simply didn’t believe that the Vaio TT could have such things like a 256GB solid state hard drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a Blu-Ray burner and writer, and so on. I even had my own doubts and in a conversation with one of our other writers, Stan, he assured me, “It’s a Vaio. ;)” Well, it most certainly is a Vaio, perhaps their best yet. Sony raised the bar with the TT, and at CEATEC they showed off the innards of this beautiful laptop. It’s hilarious to see that the Blu-Ray Drive is almost bigger than the rest of the components within the device.

I want one so bad.

Picture courtesy of Akihabara News.

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