CNET Seems Disappointed With Bravia Internet Video Link (DMX-NV1)

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Bravia Internet Video Link is a failed product and will probably go down as an unnecessary addendum in the Sony catalog. CNET thinks so too, sorta, as they give the most recent update of the Bravia Internet Video Link two and a half stars in their recent product review. With scathing comments such as “Only compatible with select Sony televisions; sluggish interface and poorly designed menus; most of the content can be freely accessed from the Internet; free content is mostly lackluster; video quality is poor in many instances; doesn’t stream media from a PC; superior alternatives available.”

..one would really wonder who is actually buying this device and enjoying it. However, there are certain accolades in order, as CNET also states that the DMX-NV1 is a “slim module can be mounted out-of-sight on back of the television; reliable, hiccup-free video streaming; works seamlessly with Sony’s XMB interface; supports Amazon Video On Demand; a lot of free content.” But can you really forget the fact they said “superior alternatives available?” Ouch.

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