Sony Introduces ECM-HW2 Wireless Microphone At CES


Record from afar. Through Bluetooth wireless technology for secure recordings, the ECM-HW2 (successor to last year’s ECM-HW1) wireless microphone introduced at CES 2009 communicates from distances up to approximately 100 feet. It also features two-way communication, and you can shoot while still talking to a friend up to 100 meters from the camcorder. The microphone and receiver unit are even equipped with earphone jacks that correspond to “5.1ch Center Mic” mode. The ECM-HW2 Wireless Microphone is compatible with almost every camcorder with Active Interface Shoe. Microphone and receiver are equipped with separate earphone jacks, and two separate low-quality earphones are provided for both the microphone and the receiver units.

The ECM-HW2 is currently a pre-sale item available on or about 02/09/2009 for $229.99.



They also made a new mic design for the HW2, which is somewhat better looking than the HW1’s mic.


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