Sony’s CMT-LX30iR, Another New iPod/iPhone/iTouch & USB Micro System


Sony is preparing yet another micro system called the CMT-LX30iR with iPod/iTouch/iPhone and USB compatibility. This is primarily a entry level system, and is only at 5Wx2 output, but does have pretty decent features. A slot-loading CD player is found at the top of the device that has MP3 playback capability. USB playback and recording is supported, along with a FM/AM tuner and a line in and headphone out. Amazon Germany has already priced it out at 161 Euros, which is roughly $200USD but we can’t confirm if it will cost that much. We have a feeling it will be closer to $150.

ROCK / POP / JAZZ / FLAT Preset EQ is also included for additional sound coloration. The appearance of the CMT-LX30iR is rather basic, and a neat 1-line blue LCD shows status messages. Fortunately, it allows for 20 FM and 10 AM radio presets to keep your favorite channels in check. If you click on the high resolution we provided, you can see that it also has navigation options for USB devices, which is quite nice. There’s also a button for quick CD to USB Sync Recording.

This device may also go under another model name in the USA as the CMT-LX30i, or CMT-LX30.

This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

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