New VAIO P Coming?


Remember that teaser (see pic above) Sony spread around the world before unveiling VAIO P? Fun times!

Folks always wonder, will there be a new, refreshed line of their favorite product and of course we also know that Sony loves to present their VAIOs in series (VAIO AW100 series, and so forth – are easy to predict that there will be 200 series with updated specs), however sometimes Sony picks a model number out of a blue and makes us wonder will there be a life beyond? Let’s take VAIO X505 for example – the well known razor thin, amazingly engineered VAIO that captured many hearts back in 2004. VAIO X505 has stayed as one of a kind, special edition notebook with no other X series to replace it (though trust me Sony will be showing off something thin and cool in the near future to get your attention all over again).


Anyways, sorry to digress, but back to VAIO P story. In the US VAIO P started with 500 series  (e.g. VGN-P530H/G), and recently I “dug” out some info on the 700 series! So shall we assume a new and refreshed P coming out? With its success and glamor, I am pretty sure we will see a new VAIO P coming in Summer. The model numbers that will be available (region-wise I am not sure, but looks like a US numbering) are as follows:

VGN-P710T/B                  VGN-P710T/R

VGN-P710T/G                  VGN-P710T/W


VGN-P730A/Q  as well as VGN-P730T/Q

So from the first glance it will be easy to guess that the colors stay the same: Black, Green, Red and White. However the 730 model and its letter Q assignment is a bit confusing. Most likely these new P models won’t be a total redesign, but a specification update (different processor, RAM, larger SSD drive, Windows 7 etc).

So I figured I would tease you all with this info, feel free to share comments. More to come….like maybe a new Sony HD camcorder to replace HDR-TG1 with HDR-TG5V model or maybe just maybe a new Rolly SEP-900!

This information is a Sony Insider exclusive, brought to you here first.

P.S. Sony X Series Walkman models for the US are: NWZ-X1051FBLK and NWZ-X1061FBLK.

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