New Video Surfaces Showing A Silky Smooth Touchscreen Walkman Interface


Well, first off, I have to give Flixmedia serious props for this they’ve created video showing off the Sony Touchscreen NWZ-X1000/NWZ-X1050/NWZ-X1051/NWZ-X1060/NWZ-X1061 Walkman. Sorry to use so many model numbers, but it is really known by all of these aliases – a Google search can confirm it. Anyway, this gorgeous OLED dynamo has one more thing up it’s sleeve: the interface is like butter, and scrolling seems almost as flawless as the iPhone/iTouch. Album covers flow almost in a 3D fashion and then you scroll overhead – you’ll see what I mean at 0:38. The FM scrolling looks really fast as the finger flicks through the stations – too bad they aren’t opening this thing for games and applications. What are you thinking Sony?

Anyway, check this video out.

Want one? 😀


Also, props to Sony for showing off what appears to be a simple uploading solution, one that could really win over consumers if they get that this thing is truly easy with drag n’ drop AND can mesh with iTunes.

p.s. We also discovered today that there might be a red touchscreen Walkman as well.

Information courtesy of anythingbutipod.

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