Sony X Walkman Shows Up on Sony Rewards Site


UPDATE: Sony Rewards pulled info about the upcoming Walkman X from their site. It looks like it is a super secret info that has leaked and they have to use their “plumbing” to patch it up. Come on Sony, just post the pre-order site already, we’ve known about this Walkman since last year!

It looks like got beat by their cousin website which already posted all the specs and prices for the upcoming touchscreen Walkman. Mind you though you have to be a registered member to be able to browse the site.
One of our readers (thanks TheFaze) recently spotted Sony Walkman NWZ-X1051FBLK and NWZX1061FBLK showing up on Sony Rewards website (former MySony) with all the specs and prices for the US soon to come release. Prices also listed (always mimick the same MSRP as listed on $299 for 16Gb and $399 for 32Gb.
It looks like the Media Manager for Walkman as well as Content Transfer software are included with your purchase.

I was this close to order one as I have tons of rewards points but it currently lists both out of stock of course.

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