Commenting System Upgraded At Sony Insider


Hello, I just wanted to note we have installed the DISQUS commenti system at Sony Insider. Ever since we started the site last Summer, I always found the commenting system to be less than ideal. The WordPress default commenting system is very basic, and as we move forward into 2009 I feel that the commenting should have rich connectivity. So, starting now, you can login to our commenting system via Facebook, twitter, or as a guest. The true benefit of this commenting system is the enhanced features it provides:

  • Threaded replies reveal the conversations in your comments.
  • And now it’s easier to keep the discussion alive with email and mobile replying.
  • Features such as ratings and video comments make comments interactive and expressive.

I’ve run a few tests and it looks like its stable enough for prime time – enjoy!

p.s. I can’t get the video commenting to work. I’ll see what’s up.

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