Sony Set To Launch World’s First Digital Noise Cancelling Earphone MDR-NC300D


Sony is introducing the world’s first digital noise cancelling canal earphone, the MDR-NC300D, later this month. Boasting 98.4% noise reduction, an integrated S-Master amplifier, this sure is an interesting step for the company who has led the way for portable noise canceling. The build quality of this setup is outstanding, and Sony has included six different rubber ear tips for you to choose from for the perfect fit. The earbuds feature a 16mm diameter driver, and three separate modes of noise canceling – Mode A for aircraft, Mode B for train/bus, and Mode C for Office/Study Room to reduce light chatter and air conditioning noise. There is also an option for enhanced bass or Movie mode. This is the ultimate accessory or gift for the frequent business traveler, especially on international flights.

Here’s an introduction movie by Sony Japan:

Buttons found on the unit include Sound Mode, Volume (+ -), Hold, Power, and NC Optimize (allows you to fine-tune noise cancelling). The NC300D equipment runs on AA batteries. Playback frequency 6Hz ~ 24kHz. Sensitivity is 103dB/mW. Impedance is 16Ω.








Removable clip.


The MDR-NC300D will arrive in Japan on June 21st for Y30,975. No word on worldwide availability, but it should be soon. Pictures of the MDR-NC300D courtesy of AV Watch.

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