Sony’s PSP Go True Processor Speed Revealed


According to recently filed FCC documents, the PSP Go (PSP-N1001) might be faster than we originally expected. While the official specs stated the clock frequency of the processor at 333MHz, FCC documents have pegged this tiny UMD-less, flash based dynamo to actually max out at 480MHz. While the PSP Go will most likely be locked in at 333Mhz, it is possible that the software within will allow scaling for intensive applications or the full speed will be enabled in a future firmware update. Many of you may remember that the original PSP was always locked to 222MHz, but since firmware 3.50, developers had access to the full 333MHz. The difference in increased processor speed was night and day for many gamers, who noticed better lighting, more particles, and a few minor differences.

What will a 480MHz PSP Go bring to the table?


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