New LED BRAVIA Sets To Be Announced in September


The highly praised and pricey LED XBR8 series with Triluminos technology first introduced in my beloved QUALIA 005 KDX-46Q005 are about to be replaced with another generation of LED TVs. The new models will be introduced at CEDIA in Atlanta and IFA (Berlin) in September. So what’s new and exciting about these models?

According to the FlatpanelsHD site the new LED models will be using more cost effective white LED instead of RGB LEDs used in the current XBR8 (X4500 series in Europe). Also Bravia Engine Pro (BE3) will be incorporated. The Pro version incorporates a principle known as Black Frame Insertion (BFI). BFI utilizes the basic principle that the human eye needs to be “reset” regularly. The human eye does not forget a picture right away because it stays on the cornea for a short period of time. You might recognize this from a very quick light flash that “hangs” for a while on your cornea. But by inserting very short black frames between the original frames, Sony can constantly reset the eye, so you perceive the image on the TV as smoother and without motion trailing.

Other expected features of the sets are:

  • DLNA (client Photo, Music, Video)
  • Motion Flow 240 Hz
  • BRAVIA® Internet Video
  • BRAVIA® Internet Widgets
  • LightSensor™ Technology and Idle TV Standby
  • Internet Radio

Sony XBR line will be available in 40, 46 and 55-inches (65 inch model was also rumored). Of course pricing will be announced later on as well, and our guess is Sony will not be charging a hefty sum like they used to with XBR8 due to the lower cost white LEDs. Time will tell.

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