New Sony Vaio P On FCC, Slated For Fall Release


Sony has posted a FCC notice for a new Vaio P model named AK8PCG1R2L. This isn’t the model number that consumers will see, but rather the FCC ID – the official model number is PCG-1R2L. The only hard information we know at this time is that it has the same size as the current Vaio P, and also has 802.11b/g/n and bluetooth. Sony has withheld the delicious stuff in this report so we’ll just have to wait till October (when document confidentiality expires) and see what happens. Could we see a 2ghz Vaio P in North America, finally? Japan has had one for months. The highest ghz model in North America, at this time of writing (on sonystyle.com), is a $1,999 1.86ghz Signature Version. Here’s another image that came with the FCC report:


Thanks, Ascariss.

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