Sony To Refresh HDNA Advertising Campaign With Peyton Manning, Justin Timberlake And More


Sony today announced its new integrated marketing campaign, which aims to reinforce Sony as a leader in quality and hopefully spur consumer demand for holiday shopping in the fourth quarter. The creative concept is an expansion of the company’s 2008 HDNA campaign, which featured a “panel” of celebrity experts who served as brand ambassadors. Situated in retail environments, celebrity panelists assist consumers in choosing Sony products by differentiating the brand from its competitors.  The campaign was created with the support of the company’s advertising agency 180, Los Angeles. Starting in September and running through early 2010, the campaign will go across all consumer touch points with complete integration of the creative concept from online and point-of-sale to advertising and consumer PR.

The 2009 HDNA campaign (which Sony has called HDNA2 on twitter) will include Indianapolis Colts quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning, but also Grammy and Emmy-award winning Jive/Sony Music artist Justin Timberlake. Rounding out the list are: ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews; fashion photographer and “America’s Next Top Model” judge, Nigel Barker; author and comedienne, Amy Sedaris; columnist and Web celebrity, Julia Allison; and award-winning cinematographer, Dion Beebe. Humor is consistently used to demystify electronics and connect with viewers – in the screenshot of the commercial we found, it appears that Payton Manning and Justin Timberlake are playing ping pong.

“All talent were chosen for their high public profiles, and because like Sony, they are leaders in their respective fields,” Redsun said.

Sony is really looking to push products in the BRAVIA television line, Blu-ray Disc home entertainment, Cyber-shot digital cameras, alpha digital SLR cameras, Handycam camcorders and Sony professional high-definition camera systems, VAIO notebook computers and Sony Reader digital books.

“Quality is a message consumers most associate with Sony, so we feel confident our campaign message will strongly resonate in the marketplace, especially given that quality is the number one purchase driver for consumer electronics,” said Stuart Redsun, senior vice president, marketing.

Mass media will include national commercial spots, all shot with the Sony F35 professional camera system, which has also been used on CBS’s “CSI: New York” and several other television series. Additionally, there will be online banner ads, radio and newsprint. A multitude of in-store merchandising for authorized Sony dealers to integrate the campaign at retail will include retail video, pop-up displays, counter cards, post wraps, end caps and hang tags. Ad mats, ad bugs and screen fills will be available for retailers to merchandise through retailer circulars. Other campaign elements include a showcase site as well as customizable micro-sites for retailers.

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Aug 2009

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  • abbediaz

    Dear Sony,

    Yeah so, I probably wouldn't pay any attention to a bunch of angry, bitter, anonymous “trolls” on the internet, either. I hate them. They make my skin crawl and my hair stand on end. I wish they would all go away and get a frikkin life already.

    That being said– I'd like to express my slight disappointment at your choosing Julia Allison as your spokesperson, due to her title as “Web celebrity.”

    See, for lots of struggling artists and entrepreneurs and whatnot, the internet was our “last great hope.” For decades on end, people like us battled against titans with bigger marketing budgets and greater connections and more expensive high-powered publicists. We saw the advent of the internet as the “great equalizer” that would change all that and finally give voice to those of us with good ideas and products to sell, but without the means to captivate a large enough audience to keep us afloat. People like us flocked to the internet, encouraged by the rare but promising successes of others just like us.

    Well, we were pretty stupid, weren't we? All we did was show the “big guys” how to hop on board and stomp all over us all over again.

    By now you're wondering what's my point (I hope!). Here it is–

    Julia Allison is a “celebrity” completely and wholly fabricated by a big giant “snarky,” elitist, bullying, hypocritical, massive behemoth of a web empire called Gawker. You love all the eyeballs she captures and all the attention she garners, and you love that she comes at a price far less than the ultimate source of her fame (by that I mean Sony having to buy advertising space directly from Gawker), yes?

    Hmm. That kinda sucks. (If you chose to buy advertising directly from Gawker– well, at least that's straightforward and honest.)
    I have absolutely nothing against Julia Allison; at times her travails with Gawker are even rather amusing. But, as somebody who has bought at least three Sony products recently (and all because of Sony's Carl Zeiss lenses), I must say it does somewhat pain me to admit:
    I will not buy Sony products henceforth.

    Not because I “hate” Julia Allison. But because I hate the machine and the system that created her. (No offense, Ms. Allison– I kinda feel the same way about Paris Hilton, if that's any consolation.)

    I will not leave this comment anonymously, as I believe doing so would render my humble personal opinion incredulous and consequently invalid.

    abbe diaz

  • jerry

    I think you mean 'buy'….you should check out this website, More Than Mary. I think you'll like it.:D

  • fred

    I'm sure you had a point. I'm also sure you failed at making it. Now, your break is over. Get back to your Office Depot faux Aeron chair and pretend you've done something of merit _ ever.

  • fred

    Gosh, I'm sorry pretty people like Julia ruined your special artists-hipsters-creatives-only tool, the Internet. Sigh.

  • Moxie

    That's the best you've got? What's the matter, they time your usage on the computer there in the Best Buy employee lounge? Ya gonna have to do better than that, fatass.

  • abbediaz

    Yah– and I'm really sorry the special, promising, artistic, creative Internet is filled with ignorant, pedestrian, insipid tools like you.

  • goodthoughts

    Aside from the fat part, I do think you were perfectly correct in your assessment of her as reprehensible.

  • Moxie

    Sorry abbe, but considering that fact that you're basically famous for getting banned on gawker (give me a fucking break, I'm banned weekly) you can stop with your special, promising, creative posturing. You're a useless nobody wannabe just like Julia Allison. Get off your high horse.

  • fred

    Don't make me take this blue polo off. Do NOT make me take the polo off. Because I can take the polo off if we need to go there. If I didn't have to straighten the price tags on the printer ink cartridge shelf right now, I'd give you an earful. Grrr….

  • fred

    STFU Moxie! You're right in this case, of course, but it still needed to be said.

  • Anna


    Up at 4:00 am harping on Ms. Allison are you? J's Publicist's is posting stories at 3:00 am and comments start streaming in….at least some of you are slightly more cognizant of the world outside of Ms. Allison…I give your sony readers this;

    Sausage Snappers Says:

    August 19, 2009 at 11:32 am | Reply
    Men, we got trolled hardcore in that Sony article. Someone is really really angry about our piddly existence.

    Sausage Snappers Says:

    August 19, 2009 at 11:33 am | Reply

    partypants Says:

    August 19, 2009 at 11:38 am | Reply
    They’re just jealous. They want to be us. TOO BAD LOSERS. One does not simply walk into RBNS.

    Yes, Ms. Party Pants, we are jealous, very jealous, I wish I was enough of a loser to post my phone number on my twitter [repeatedly] asking for people to call me…

    FROM THE TWITTER OF ALICE WALKER WRIGHT aka party pants: “drunk. call me 216-314-0609″

    Sheesh, you rbns'ers are a sad lot.

  • abbediaz

    I'm famous for getting banned from Gawker? RILLY ??! Awesome. Can I get a Sony deal too now ??

    Riiiiiight, and if I'm on a “high horse” for not being a cowardly anonymous creepface– GOOD FOR ME, bitch.

    Thanks for reminding me, by the way–

    Read “Abbe Diaz vs Gawker” on Blackbook ! It's a real hoot.


  • JXP

    I'd agree that Julia Allison was a bad choice. She has amassed dislike because she's been said to have been caught many times being dishonest about herself, her work and her alleged success, as well as publicly embarrassed people to try to further her career. Outing someone's mental illness, using a tryst with a congressman to gain attention, etc. is not the kind of personality I'd think anybody would want associated to their brand. I don't think anybody would consider her a celebrity on the web or otherwise. She's known in a small circle and not particularly liked. It's played off as her “fame” drawing jealous haters, but her actions alone have been responsible.

  • Moxie

    Are you STILL bringing that shit up? Really, Abbe? You vs gawker happened over a year ago you batshit wacko. You are the only person alive that still cares about that!

    And Abbe, you aren't trying to be some courageous, outspoken campaigner against big mean gawker. You are trying to get attention for Abbe Diaz. Period.

  • Keith

    “i am not a fan of miss allison. nor do i wish to criticize her character”

    then why do you live in the world of rbns, where the criticism of her character and the 'sadness' runs 24/7?

  • partypants

    You forgot to post a link to my twitter.

    I look forward to having a much larger audience to fail in front of. KTHXBAI!

  • Keith

    Then 'very bad choice' suits you well. Defending the hate. Wow, just wow.

  • Beth

    Yes, if you have nothing else going on, visit, it is rather funny. Especially the in-fighting; NOOOOO, you are not criticizing her right!

  • Betsy Whiler

    Ok, the word I think you meant to type is 'squeal' [you too would enjoy rambin's site of crazy spelling] but what I am more concerned with is that you are APOLOGIZING for not knowing all of Julia's brand varations of her supposed MacBooks.

    Dear Allison Atwood,

    I think it's time you stayed away from RBNS, there is really no reason for you to know something as inane as that. If this cult has you feeling bad because you cannot reiterate what julia owns then it's time… do not despair, there is hope. I wish you all the best!

  • allison atwood

    Thank you, Betsy Whiler, for your fake and condescending concern. I quite deliberately wrote “squee” because your pal Miss Allison is known to carry on like an overexcited tween at a Jonas Brothers concert over consumer products, particularly if they are pink and made by Apple Computers. Good day.

  • abbediaz

    Is it working? That would be great!

    Especially since I didn't even need to don a costume made of condoms or flash my ass cheeks at Nick Denton or nuthin.



    xo :)

    P.S. YOU brought up me getting banned from Gawker (which is what the whole Blackbook article is about, duh).

    P.P.S. Bite me, bitch.

  • VeryBadChoice

    Yes, that really cuts me to the core. It is so disappointing when I am judged for not liking the image that Julia Allison has chosen to put out about herself on the Internet. I am glad you really understood my point too.

    I am not defending the hate site, I am saying that things such as her outing her ex-boyfriend's mental illness are true. Things such as her promising content and never delivering are true. Things such as her taking pictures of strangers and posting them online along with violent sentiments are true. She has put this all out there. In addition, a “web celebrity” should be able to weather a storm of what is supposedly “14 or 15″ bitter girls talking about her. But yet she spent all night replying to comments about her on gawker. You are right. Julia isn't the problem here. THE WORLD IS THE PROBLEM! Julia has been waiting so long for people to figure this out.

  • moxie

    I'm sorry sweetie, is that your attempt at a comeback? No wonder every other human on the internet is beating you at being famous. Good luck with your fameslutting, peaches!

  • Media watcher

    Amy Sedaris is pretty awesome. Given her outside-the-mainstream career, I wouldn't ever peg her as a “sell-out.” and I'd probably give a second look to a product she thought was cool enough to endorse.

    On the other hand, as a 27-year-old female, I can't think of anyone LESS “refreshing” than Julia Allison, who always seems to be blatantly shilling for somebody, whether she discloses it or not. Why would I trust anything this woman suddenly has to say about Sony products? I don't trust her, I don't aspire to be like her, and I don't find her “relatable.”

    I mostly ignore Julia's mindless blathering about how much she loooooves her iPhone and Mac laptop because I already own and like these products, too…sans pink sheaths, of course. But I guess if you're looking to paint the SONY brand as an Apple also-ran for the non-early-adopter crowd, then Julia's schtick might play okay.

  • abbediaz

    No buttercup, that's just me answering your idiotic questions. If I had known I was trying to be more famous than every other human on the internet, I would have flashed my twat at Town Hall while carrying a firearm to protest Obama.

    Thanks! Good luck with your ankle-nipping, troll face!

  • Cuckoos Among Us

    Wow. What a nut.

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  • nicole86


    i do understand why you would believe that i “live in the world of rbns” given what this comment section has evolved into. however, this is far from the truth. yes, i am aware of its existence. i've visited the site exactly one time. actually, it could have been an earlier version of the site or even an entirely different site altogether. it was during the tumblr controversy and i was curious about the site(s) being affected. was it anything more than internet snark? short answer, no.

    i have no interest in rbns. i can't imagine analyzing anyone ad nauseam. honestly, i wish miss allison well, but when i read about sony's new campaign and her inclusion in it i was confused. in my opinion she is a poor choice as brand ambassador and i have every right to express my displeasure to sony or anyone else.

    also, it is interesting that nearly every single one of her defenders is placing blame on rbns. (though i must admit i fall into the same trap. i assume because 'pretend sony customer' sounds like miss allison it must be her) it isn't that simple. there are a lot of negative articles and comments about miss allison on the internet. there has almost always been some sort of negative blowback in regards to her. an example would be her wired cover story. i feel pretty confident in saying rbns was not responsible for that either.

    i'm surprised that i'm responding to you. if you do happen to read this i hope you don't feel offended even though i was.

  • JXP

    Great comment Julia, except nobody thinks you're hot.

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  • My Two Cents

    Personally, I thought the Bravia spot last year with Manning and the San Diego Chicken mascot was the best commercial of the year. (I even bought a 40″ set & Blu-ray Player as a result). I'm sorry to learn they didn't include the Chicken for an encore. He was refreshing to watch.

    The new set of “panelists” is quite a curious angle and they'd be yawners, if not for their dubious nature. Timberlake (Mr. Wardrobe Malfunction himself), Allison (a blogger–really?) and Andrews (whose recent transparent PR campaign of a fuzzy nude video for wider name recognition reeks of phoniness) are hardly a reach-out to family friendly living rooms.

    Even Peyton's goodwill capital won't mask over this bunch of celebrity louts for the Sony name. They may have over-thought this one.

  • humorous_duet_acting

    I love this blog! Will come again next time for sure,

  • humorous_duet_acting

    I love this blog! Will come again next time for sure,

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  • Indydisplay

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