Sony Ericsson Promising To Change The Way You Listen To Music “Forever”


Sony Ericsson’s marketing engine is full steam ahead with a rather bold claim that they are going to change the way you listen to music forever, all starting on September 21st. I’m a bit skeptical here about how they will do this, considering the only information is flash animation of some dweeb with headphones drinking a soda. At least the VAIO team has it right by showing off some odd angle of a product when they tease something that’s coming soon. I’m reminded of a Sony Ericsson patent filed years ago where you could listen to music on a portable device without cords, bluetooth, and so forth – the music transferred via electric signals traveling through the body. It was an amazing idea at the time despite the maximum transmission rate of 48kbps ATRAC3plus, but if there was a large enough investment who knows how much this idea could have advanced. I doubt we’ll be seeing that on the 21st, but the main tagline of this promotion is “Put your ears in control.”

Maybe its a way to control the music functions of a phone through our ears, or the addition of a large streaming media service.

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