Sony Quietly Launches ICF-CS10iP iPod + iPhone Speaker Dock/Clock


Sony has refreshed its popular iPod/iPhone dock ICF-C1IPMK2 with the introduction of the ICF-CS10iP, as noted on SonyStyle. It’s priced at $99 – that is the same price as the (now older) model that is available today. It may also be found as the ICF-CS10iPBLK (BLK meaning black). A Google search for the model revealed even more, including the official ICF-CS10iP operating manual on Sony’s eSupport site.

This product hasn’t hit retail just yet, so we’re kinda scratching our heads here and wondering if Sony is very close to announcing this product along with the stunning $149 ICF-CL75iP digital frame and iPod/iPhone dock combo device we revealed not too long ago.


Advantages of this generation’s model include a 30% larger speaker, and a 50% larger clock display. Sony has also obtained iPhone 3G certification for this device, which gets rid of that pesky error when you plug the device in. I have that problem with my current ICF-C1iP, which shows me a warning message (but still charges it) for my iPhone 3G. All of the other functions currently available will return, including FM/AM capability, Mega Xpand (a stereo effect), Mega Bass, dual alarms, audio in, and mini remote control. It should be available in black and white, now on SonyStyle and eventually soon in retail stores. I sincerely hope that this model will not have such a bright clock, even on its dimmest mode. Other iPod/iPhone docks from Sony in the past have had this problem, according to several forum posts and comments I have seen around the web.

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