PSPgo Arriving Early at SonyStyle Stores


I have recently stopped by one of the DC SonyStyle stores and was pleasantly surprised to meet two SCEA reps on site showing off PSPgo unit to customers. So I had a chance to play some with the unit. First impression when I saw it – “Oh my, I see an improved Mylo device I have back in my VAIO Dooney & Bourke messenger bag.” The engineers who stood behind the design of Mylo definitely shared some ideas with PSP hardware team in one of the backrooms. First thing that attracted me was the brightness of the screen (and I so smell the next gen PSP to have an OLED display), it was pretty crisp too and I did not notice the smaller size of the LCD at all compared to its older brother. The UI was fluid – something we are used to already, however I really liked the way you can switch between the Home menu to the screen saver menu. I asked if that same functionality will be ported to the older PSPs, however was told that it would stay exclusive to PSPgo. Reps also had a couple of games like Gran Turismo for PSP available to showcase.

I liked the device however I do not think I will be getting one, as this one is sorta like a test, intermediate device before we will see something more attractive next year.

If you want to test and play with PSPgo, our sister blogger Gina reported that demo devices are arriving early to the SonyStyle stores exclusively on Wednesday. So check it out and let us know what you think of that baby.

p.s. Chris received an invitation to check out the PSP Go today and will be shooting some video and taking more pictures of the PSP Go in detail.

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