Update: 250GB Final Fantasy XIII “Lightning Edition” PS3 Unveiled in Japan

ps3 lightning

With the 2009 Tokyo Game Show in full swing, Sony unveiled a 250GB PS3. The console is available for a limited time as the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition for 41,600 yen (roughly $459) due mid December. The console is white, Lightning herself is printed on the chassis in stunning detail, and Final Fantasy XIII is bundled with the package as well. No word on a release date yet for North America, so start watching NCSX and Play-Asia if you plan on getting one.

Edit by Christopher: I was able to find a nice real life shot of this new PS3, enjoy:


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Sep 2009
POSTED BY Allen Tyson

Hardware, Playstation, PS3

  • http://twitter.com/ShanieAIBO Shanie

    Oh my god, that is one sexy-looking PS3. Most of my Sony products are in black, but I do own a white PS2 and PSP. I been thinking to get a white PS3 'fat' for a while but the PS3 Slim version looks so much nicer than the black Slim version, even without that Final Fantasy motif on it. When my poor old 60GB does decide to die on me eventually in the future, a white PS3 slim is what I'll get!

  • Patricia

    would you happen to know where to get one? I went to my local store today (in Japan) and they said that I couldn't preorder it because they didn't know if they would get it or not. Apprently Sony's not telling which stores are going to be able to sell the consoles. But since you ARE sony insider……
    My guess is that Bic Camera would be my best bet. What do you think?

  • Patricia

    Never mind I preordered it online. ^_^

  • Patricia

    Never mind I preordered it online. ^_^

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  • Leonpisa

    so this ps3 works for north america right like all the games will read?

    • Patricia

      I came back to the States shortly after I made this comment. The GAMES will play because all PS3 games are blu-ray and both the US and Japan are the same region in blu-ray. Unfortunately PS1 &2 games will NOT play because the US and Japan are NOT the same regions when it comes to DVDs. 
      The other issue is since one country is PAL and one country is NTSC ( I forget which is which), a Japanese PS3 will not display on the US TV unless you have a PAL to NTSC converter. I did not know this when I bought it but I just happened to bring my TV from Japan (only because I thought it would be a waste to leave it or sell it for a fraction of what I paid for it), so i’ve been using my Japanese TV with my PS3. Eventually, I will purchase a converter.
      In short, it might not be worth it unless you TRULY want this particular PS3. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Perdue/1131805926 Jason Perdue

        Sorry, I’ve had zero issues with the “Lightning” not working on US T.V. sets.  It’s been on 4 different sets from different manufactures and no issues yet.  One of those tv’s is even older than the system.

        I paid $300 for mine, around 29,000 yen, and the system works just like my US spec system.  You are right on the DVD’s, it will not play US region DVD’s, but any US/Japanese blueray’s/ games will play.