Uncharted 2 Pushes PS3 to Limits

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves continues to be a run away hit for Sony and Naughty Dog. In an interview with Game Trailers, Amy Hennig comments on many aspects of what makes the game so unique, notably the processing power and storage of the PS3.

Along with revamping the games engine and the graphics engine the Blu-ray storage was one of the crucial factors allowing the game to have such a large scale. The storage capability (presumably a BD-25) allowed the designers to include more data than would have been possible otherwise (even though she states  that with all that space it was still a challenge).

One of the key aspects however is the processing power of the PS3. Amy stated that initially the SPU’s inside their respective SPE’s were running about 30% capacity. This was due to more working being done by the PPE (and possibly the RSX) and less by the SPU’s. Now however more work is being done by the SPU’s themselves which are primarily designed for heavy number crunching but can process other types of data as well (which is inline with tip1 for Cell/BE best practices) and the percentage of usage has been “maxed out” which is assumed to be 100% (although she didn’t actually state a hard number). This allows the PPE to focus on rich backgrounds, other processing elements and to route data to the SPE’s. No mention of the RSX was made at all, so I am curious as how that is being integrated in to the programming model, maybe at some point I can interview Amy and ask her some questions about that. Click on the image below which will take you to the interview. To hear her tech related comments, fast forward to about 3:46.


It’s safe to say we are looking possibly at our first second generation PS3 title. As more and more developers become familiar with the Cell BE we can expect more good things on the PS3 console in the future. Having played the multiplayer demo, the sheer number of things happening on the screen at any given time and the level of detail associated with them is quite impressive.

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Oct 2009
POSTED BY Allen Tyson

Hardware, Playstation, PS3

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  • theCasual

    Well, Insomniac has actually already put out two PS3 games, and their third is released at the end of this month.

  • johndoed

    According to Amy Hennig Uncharted 1 used 30% of the PS3's power – Uncharted 2 use 100%. Yeah, right! Ever heard of optimization? You can never “push” or reach the limits on a console. You fail!

  • MORI

    man Naughty Dog really needs to STFU !!!!
    i have played the demo it was good but not as everyone described it to be…i mean the graphics are mostly BLACK/BLURRY in some places
    plus the gamplay was FUKIN SLOW you can even see the bullet when you fire WTF, the game HAS THE WORST JUMPING ANIMATION I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME just ugly !!!
    if you really wanna see a game that shows the true power of the ps3 just wait for FF versus XIII !!! THAT'S MY GEM

  • mattuk0891

    Uncharted 2 deserves to sell very good
    Naughty Dog are Amazing and so is the game

  • allentyson

    Well again, she didn't actually state 100% so we assume that to be the theoretical maximum. As far as optimization, I think that in itself is the key. It could very well be at 100% given the current state of how they are programming for the PPE and SPU's. As they get better at using the PPE and finding out what is more number intensive and what isn't, and then offloading that to SPU's, the whole landscape could change again. Given the Cell is still a new computing concept, I don't think any programmers out in the field know exactly yet what data is most optimized for each part of the processor…yet

  • Moortus

    It's a shame 100% of PS3 power can't even run the game in 1080P. >shakes head<

  • Moortus

    It's a shame 100% of PS3 power can't even run the game in 1080P. >shakes head<

  • WaNtEd

    well i hope final fantasy 13 can shut u up or maybe made u think wtf??? final fantasy use 150% ps3 power????
    its a shame naughty dog post such a comment without comparing with their rival game (square enix)or any other developer who make exclusive game for ps3.
    note naughty dog u need to know urself and ur enemy if u wish to secure sony contract for another exclusive title with sony : ) btw uncharted 2 is a really good game not slightly inferior to ff 13 (my oppinion) both game play is different though
    n lastly square enix didnt even stated they use 100% of ps3 power for ff13 with such a huge different among ps3 exclusive title
    wonder will GT5 take all the spoiled by becoming 1st game to use ps3 100% power on their game(since they have been delaying so long)
    anyway moortus go do some homework bfore u post shiity comment like these here!!!! have u visit ps3 exclusive only available in japan alone?go learn japanese n surf their website will open ur eyes more

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