Video/Pictorial: Hands On With The Sony VAIO L Series All In One Touchscreen PC


Sony has a really strong product in the market right now with the recently announced Sony VAIO L series touchscreen PC. I stopped by my studio at SonyStyle in Atlanta, GA and shot some video and pictures with the computer. Ok, maybe it isn’t my studio, but they sure are so nice to me there. Sometimes I feel like I am asking them for so much, but they are always willing to help. Nonetheless, the L series is really sleek looking and the hardware options are numerous. Unfortunately, Sony has not included an Intel Core i7 processor in this series (or any of their other hardware options), but the L series certainly packs a lot of punch with up to a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400S (2.66GHz).


The L Series has a beautiful 24 inch screen and is a touchscreen PC that is also a TV. It has analog and HDMI video input which can accept content from devices such as a PS3, cable box and so forth. It also has a cable jack and can be used as a DVR. That is some serious value – we are talking about the true definition of a real all-in-one device now. I have used the HP Touchsmart quite a bit, but the touchscreen on that device is not as good as this. Did I say that out loud? Yes, and I invite everyone to try both machines and tell me what they think. It is worth your time, I promise. I think that this L series with multi-touch is on par or beyond the iPhone touchscreen in my opinion in terms of responsiveness and overall presentation. Touchscreen Windows 7 is a treat.

Here is our hands on video:

Here’s some great shots of the L Series, this one in particular the fully modded VPCL116FX/B (that we used for pictures and the video above) in black.


I really liked the Blu-ray drive – the quality and playback was perfect; I could just see this thing sitting in an apartment or dorm room. The sound quality and loudness of the speakers is fantastic. It’s age appeal is limitless, too. It is easy to adapt to, it is super sensitive to touch (but not in a bad way) and has solid programs included with it. When I say solid, I mean software that is perfect for young children to adults. The experience is so intuitive that I pretty much winged the explanation of the software above in one take. I encourage you to learn more about Media Gallery, Photo Globe and the other VAIO software programs by stopping by SonyStyle or other retail outlets as they get the desktop.

If I could sum everything up, I would say that this device like this could be perfect for a family; it really is a family computer.

I also wanted to mention I will update this post in a day or so with another video of how easy it is to open the RAM access on the back of the machine. It takes less than 10-15 seconds to reach it, depending on how fast you can spin a mini screwdriver. We also have another video of me using the Webcam software that is quite enjoyable with a touchscreen.

Here’s a couple of shots from the rear (left, then right):



Here is the left side of the VAIO L (the right side can be viewed on the disc shot above):


The top right of the VAIO L:


The keyboard (VGP-WKB10) and mouse (VGP-WMS4) of the VAIO L :





At the bottom of the VAIO L are several labels:



We’re really working hard with SonyStyle to provide you quality coverage of Sony’s latest hardware. It’s been an interesting endeavor with appreciated results and gets only better and better. Please leave us comments about our recent series of videos with any suggestions, criticism, whatever.


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