Sony Integrating TransferJet Into MS Duo Cards, MS-JX8G Hits FCC


Sony has posted a FCC application on a new product – the AK8MSJX8G, which is the application for a MS-JX8G Memory Stick Duo card. I’ve never seen a MS Duo card on the FCC before, because its limited to devices that transmit information over a radio spectrum. After peeking inside the FCC files I found the 4480Mhz frequency listed in the Test Report. My first assumptions of the card containing 802.11a/b/g wireless suddenly vanished, because the 2.4ghz band wasn’t listed. I did some Googling with this radio frequency I’d never seen before, and it didn’t take long to find out that the 4480Mhz band (as defined by Tyco Electronics) is associated with TransferJet. Hence, Sony is bringing a TransferJet-equipped MS Duo card to the market very soon.


This is very surprising information. I had originally thought that TransferJet would be equipped into the hardware itself, but what I failed to realize is that they could integrate it into removable media. It makes sense because it requires little power to work, so it would probably have minimal effect on battery life to the attached device. This means that there is a possibility that any product that uses MS Duo could become a TransferJet equipped device, which signals a new era of connectivity for mobile devices in the USA. What’s even more promising is that Sony is also aggressively working on bringing TransferJet-compatible USB readers to the market, so its very possible that you will see a TransferJet MS Duo card and USB-based TransferJet base station for your PC. TransferJet can also be eventually built into Sony VAIO PC’s and BRAVIA Televisions, as well as other consumer electronics.

Forget what TransferJet is? It’s a technology shown off by Sony nearly at every trade show exhibit they have done in recent memory. It’s a wireless technology that can transfer data at 560Mbps (Max.) / effective 375Mbps (throughput). We covered the product in The Science of TransferJet. There is also a very good TransferJet demonstration video over at engadget.

TransferJet is a close-proximity (3cm) wireless transfer technology developed by Sony. A very large consortium of companies are involved. Data to be transferred simply by touching the transmitting device directly to the receiving device. TransferJet eliminates complex and troublesome configuration and settings typically associated with conventional wireless technology. For example, simply touching a TV with a digital camera will enable still images to be displayed on the TV screen. Put it near your computer and transfer your data without wires. Alternatively, downloaded music content can be enjoyed simply by touching a mobile phone to a portable audio player. TransferJet can be thought of as a universal interface that will replace current connectors, cables and memory cards used in many consumer electronics devices. And now, it’s really going to happen soon in the USA.

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