Sony USB Media Player SMP-U10 Snuck Out

USBMedia Player

Need another device connected to your Bravia that would stream and do all three: Photo, Music, Video on the fly? Bridge the gap between your PC and TV with the SMP-U10 USB media player. Simply store your digital content on a USB drive, plug the drive into the USB media player and enjoy your digital movies, music and photos on your TV in near-HD quality. This media player is compatible with major video formats like DivX, MP4 and AVI, as well as MP3 and AAC music formats. You can even turn your TV into a large-format personal digital photo frame and share your JPEG photos with family and friends on your TV screen. Available soon for $70…


On the Back of the player you will get your usual HDMI and Component inputs.


Here is a list of Product Specifications if you dig into those:

* Original Model : SMP-U10

Convenience Features

* A/V Sync : Yes
* Instant Advance : Yes
* Instant Replay : Yes
* Smooth Slow : Yes
* Step Forward : Yes

USB Connectivity

* Digital Media Player : Walkman® digital player supported
* Digital Still Camera : Cybershot digital camera supported
* External Hard Disc Drive : Supports FAT32 formated Hard Drives
* USB Card Reader : Yes
* USB Flash Memory : Yes


* Digital Output (Linear PCM) : 24 bit 96kHz
* Digital-to-Analog Converter : 16bit 192kHz


* Custom Picture Mode (Video Equalizer) : Yes
* Digital-to-Analog Converter : 12bit 108MHz
* High Speed Search : Yes
* NTSC/PAL : NTSC support
* Sharpness : Yes
* TV Type Default Setting : 16:9
* Upscaling : upto 720p/1080i/1080p

Format Support

* AAC : Yes
* DivX : Yes
* Dolby® Digital decoding : Yes
* JPEG : Yes
* LPCM : Yes
* MP3 : Yes
* MPEG-1 : Yes
* Simple MPEG : Yes
* WMA : Yes


* Color : Black
* LED Display : 3 (Video/Photo/Music)

Remote Control Function

* Instant Advance : Yes
* Instant Replay : Yes
* TV Control : Limited TV Brands
* Zoom : Yes

Audio Features

* Dolby® Digital Output : Yes


* Power Requirements : 120 Volt 60Hz AC in to Convertor 6V 1.6Amp from Convertor into Player
* Safety Standard (Testing) : UL/cUL

Inputs and Outputs

* Analog Audio 2ch Output(s) (L,R) : 1 (rear)
* Coaxial Audio Digital Output(s) : 1 (rear)
* Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output(s) : 1 (rear)
* Composite Video Output(s) : 1 (rear)
* HDMI™ Connection(s) (Total) : 1 (rear) Output
* USB Port(s) : 1 (front) Input


* Auto Power Off : Yes (Default)
* Background Graphics : Yes
* Black Level Setup : Yes (Default)
* Control Menu : Yes
* External Subtitle (DivX) : Yes
* HDMI CEC (Bravia Sync™ compatible) : Yes
* JPEG Slideshow BGM : Yes
* MP3 ID3 Lyrics : Yes
* PhotoTV HD : Yes
* Picture Navi : Yes
* Quick Set Up : Yes
* Screen Saver : Yes
* Zoom : Yes

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Nov 2009

Hardware, Televisions

  • Sam Obeid

    Looks like an intersting device to display wedding photography to my Toronto clients. Has anyone actually tested this?

  • detonator

    better go with WD media palyer… more media can play. i have pone for 6 month, no regrets. New WD can play internet radio too and you tube… big step ahaed of Sony….

  • detonator

    better go with WD media palyer… more media can play. i have pone for 6 month, no regrets. New WD can play internet radio too and you tube… big step ahaed of Sony….

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  • Simon

    No support for NTFS, means no USB Hard Drive support.. basically you are typically stuck with plugging in 2Gb memory sticks (unless you have more expensive ones, and even then you max out at 32 GB.. if you really want to make your movie collection accessible this is pretty useless. Time for firmware update Sony to support NTFS.. The information on the box and web review mostly miss this fact.

    • Macy2k

      This is not correct. I’ve this player and works pretty fine with my WD Passport HDD 160Gb formatted as FAT32!
      The main limitation for FAT32 is the maximum file size of 4GB that’s usually enough for mostly of DivX, MP4 HD video files, but sometimes can result limitating.
      There are up to 1GB HDD that supports FAT32, however I agree that an upgrade to support NTFS would be appreciated by everybody!

    • F Atchison

      You can reformat the hard drive to FAT32 (e.g. use Swissknife). However you need to split the files to avoid the 4194302 limit (2^22 – 2 bytes: you only find this trying to understand why you get a “not enough space” message for a 500GByte disk). I dump the separate files into a sub-directory with sequential numbers (see the handbook) and I don’t notice the join! Note: it carries on playing everything it can find on the disk!

  • Raghu

    Great! 1 more thing to add is “Output 2 PC Monitor”.

  • Starview 7

    Bought this in the mini WDTV a Christmas gift. It will work because it plays DivX and other files. menu load time was slow initially, ext. hard disk. Does not support MKV. It is very good and the remote is well built. Everything seems that was not very well thought out, once released.