Meet The BRAVIA XBR HX Series – Sony’s New LED Backlit LCD HDTV

Sony has finally responded to the cries of consumers who wanted something different from the company then their usual CCFL or Edge-lit (LED) TV offerings with the introduction of the BRAVIA XBR HX900 series. This BRAVIA line is the first LED backlit BRAVIA since the XBR8, and will be available in 52″ (XBR-52HX900) or 46″ (XBR-52HX900) sizes. It’s also 3D-capable, and if you want to make the leap to 3D you’ll need to purchase the 3D (active shutter) glasses and emitter seperately.

Consumers will enjoy silky smooth movement scenes with the integrated Motionflow PRO 240Hz Technology, which assures that no matter what scene that moving images are fluid and have crisp detail. BRAVIA Engine 3 ensures breathtaking picture quality with reduced visual noise, enhanced color and overall image detail. This is one of the first BRAVIA series to feature the Monolithic Design concept, which can be displayed at a six-degree upward slant, producing the most natural viewing experience, especially with lower TV stands. The new sets’ near-invisible bezel, concealed touch sensors, and combination of both glossy and matte finishes allow them to blend into any décor, adding state-of-the-art style to a home theater.

Want to experience rich internet content? With a built in Wi-Fi connection, the XBR LX series can easily connect to your wireless network at home which allows you to enjoy BRAVIA Internet Video (YouTube, dozens of streaming content providers and more) and Widgets, such as Twitter, Netflix, and more. Physical connectivity is also covered – with many HDMI inputs, optical audio, and so much more. A USB  port and DLNA photo/music/video playback are also included.

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