Hands-on With BD Remote – The Sony iPhone/iPod Touch Remote App

One of the most overlooked announcements by Sony at CES 2010 was the new iPhone/iPod Touch application called “BD Remote” that will be compatible with all 2010 Sony Networked Blu-ray Players. Sony mixed things up by making their Blu-ray remotes Bluetooth, and Sony will also offer an additional Wi-Fi Blu-ray remote control application for iPhone and iPod Touch devices on the App Store. It should be available very soon – Sony wants the app to be available before the Blu-ray players so people who stumble upon it will be enticed to learn more. We’re very excited that Sony is going in this direction by offering consumers multiple choices for controlling their Blu-ray players. However, it seems that most of their 2010 Blu-ray players will not have a IR sensor for older multifunction remotes, which could be a big bummer for some home theater enthusiasts.

I inquired about the application receiving updates, and they said if the feedback was good enough that they would follow that path.

Let’s take a look at the interface:

Upon opening the application you’ll see Simple Remote, a new simplistic remote interface concept by Sony that allows you to quickly and easily move around in the menus and select options accordingly. Response was perfect. As you can see there are also dedicated options to Return, access the Options, or go Home. We were really impressed with this section of the application.

The Full Remote interface is just as advanced and feature-rich as the dedicated remotes that come with their 2010 Blu-ray players. As you can see in this one section, we have all of the normal video control options in one easy to use interface.

Another section of the Full Remote interface is multi-colored buttons, Eject, Subtitle, Favorites, and Audio options.

In this part of Full Remote, we can also see a more simple layout that is essentially the same as the Simple Remote tab – back, forward, up, down, select, Top Menu, Pop/Up Menu, Return, Home and Options.

Another great feature within the BD Remote application is the ability to see Disc Info, where it will pull up a great deal of information about the content you are watching, all figured out by Gracenote. The amount of information within somewhat reminds me of IMDB. Here’s what you’ll see first (If you were watching Surf’s Up Blu-ray, for example):

It also has a listing of the cast in the movie you are watching, and you can also learn more about each additional actor:

The settings are fairly basic, but we did notice that you can control multiple devices with this application:

There is also the whole registration process, which is extremely easy:

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Jan 2010

Blu-Ray, CES, Hardware

DISCUSSION 43 Comments
  • Sakimori_X

    Network-based remote controls, eh? Given the right setup, this opens up the door for some excellent pranks on the babysitter/roommate.

  • Mark

    PS3 compatible?

  • Mark

    PS3 Compatible?

  • http://twitter.com/tommasotedesco tommaso tedesco

    cool, i hope they add ps3 compatibility to this app (and to the ps3).

    ps3 remote isn't bad, but when the light's off is almost impossible to see what button you're pushing.

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  • Chris

    Really? Iphone and not Android (ie. SE X10)

    Further proof that Sony and Sony Ericsson don't think of each other.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000521333140 Blake Boss

      sony and sony ericsson are two different companies.

      • http://twitter.com/chuffwaze Chris Hufnagel

        Oh wake up. Sony is a joint member of Sony Ericsson. The point is that SE should be leveraging their Sony roots.

        • guest

          fucking tard, they have nothing to do with each others, duhh…

          • Chris Hufnagel

            Again, Sony *does* have something to do with Sony Ericsson. Go read a wikipedia article.

            Since your english is so poor I don’t expect you to understand. Regardless, the app has been released to android 5 months ago, thanks for caring.

  • Eddie


  • Tukom

    This is excellent development that more and more devices start to work without line-of-sight remote controlling. iPod or iPhone App is a good backup in hands as the remote control might not always be around when you need one.

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  • http://www.cjs.au.com cjschris

    Can you use the playback controls with a DVD on a BC Bluray player?

  • Simmaren_1

    Make it PS3 compatible, plz!!!

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    Now available in Cydia store: WeBe++ Bluetooth HID Mouse & Keyboard

    Control your PS3 / Mac / PC!




  • Danielireland19

    Please make this ps3 compatible

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  • novolume

    No volume control, why?

  • Hipwelljo

    I cannot find this app in the app store! Can you share a direct link please?
    Thank you!

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  • Hitesh

    Great Remote i am using it with KDL46NX720, with inbuilt Internet browser and youtube search the remote on iPhone turns in to your keyboard so easy to use the TV as your internet browsing device no matter what you want to search on big screen, iPhone app from sony rocks!!

  • sdsrgd

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  • Marco

    Gah! I’ve lost the remote (RMT-D301) for my Sony SMP-N100 Media Player and the replacement is about as expensive as the entire package. Unfortunately, no iPhone or iPad, but was wondering if there’s any way to use this via bluetooth dongle with a Mac or PC?

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