Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Battery Life Revealed

The XPERIA X10, also known in Japan simply as Xperia, came to the massive wireless carrier DoCoMo yesterday amid great reception. However, what’s truly odd about this 1Ghz, 4 inch screen Android phone is that the battery life figures have been relatively unknown up to this point. Even Sony Ericsson’s global site has never listed the battery life figures in its specifications. This left many curious as to how long it could actually last. I had several ideas, based on Sony Ericsson’s reputation of trying to have as much battery life as possible and I can now finally confirm that it’s pretty decent.

According to the official specification sheet for the Japanese Xperia (same model as the XPERIA X10), the battery life is:

Talk time (2G/Edge): 270 minutes (4 hours, 30 minutes)
Talk Time (3G): 290 minutes (4 hours, 5 minutes)

We’re also seeing 230 hours standby for 2G, and and about 200 hours standby for 3G-only mode, or 300 for automatic signal mode (switches between 2G and 3G).

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