PMA 2010: Sony Shows Off Ultra-Compact APS-C Camera Concept

Sony has really started some buzz in the camera world at the PMA 2010 conference with the introduction of an interesting concept camera. It’s an ultra-compact interchangeable lens digital camera system that Sony says “packs the quality of a DSLR camera in an extraordinarily small body.” The concept primarily revolves around the introduction of a new Exmor APS HD MOS sensor, which is a general APS-C sized sensor (24mm x 16mm) that is larger than the usual Micro Four Thirds system. It also will have the ability to take 1080P AVCHD video and should come with three types of new compact lenses to match the small form factor of the new system. So when is this beauty arriving? Sony stated at PMA that it will come this year.

Many were wondering if Sony would respond to Samsung’s NX10, which is very similar in specifications but still had the same formfactor as a DSLR. The concept Sony showing off is nearly all metal and has Sony’s rich design characteristics and “alpha” branding. Red, blue and silver colors indicate Sony has no reservations offering a model in the future with such options. As you can see, Sony’s design concept is far smaller, stylish, and will really make an impact on how these types of products are designed in the future. Here is a photo and more information on the concept camera at PMA by Digital Camera Review.

Here’s another shot of one of the interchangeable lenses for the concept camera and further information courtesy of DPreview:

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