How To Fix The Battery Life On The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

Recently I had the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 in my possession for about three weeks. The phone is truly outstanding as SE’s first Android device, and has some features that really shine in comparison to the competition. The design is also just so stunning, and reminds me of the Monolithic Design concept we’ve seen with Sony’s other products. However, after using the phone daily, it became obvious that there was a big problem – the battery life. The battery was draining way too quickly, even in standby mode. I tried some application management programs, and so forth, but it still seemed less than what I’d hoped for.

After reading the topic “X10 Power Usage” (16 pages and counting) at XDA Developer forums I quickly realized I wasn’t alone. The discussion within is very interesting and many culprits are identified, such as the obvious like Wi-Fi, but other oddities such as the pre-installed Moxier loading by itself. I’d noticed that too on my test version of the XPERIA X10.

There was also the matter of Data Sync within the Settings – it seems that having it update often for things such as Mail (or GMail) is making a big impact; try turning it off from Auto update. Try changing the Update frequency (Settings > Online Service Accounts > {ServiceName} > Update Automatically) of all services to Every Hour. And of course, Android programs like JuiceDefender, JuicePlotter, and Advanced Task Manager help out greatly.

I also read this helpful comment:

Using an application that stops several services on startup. I use startup auditor and disable moxier services, Timescape, face recognition…etc.

Using an application that disables the APN while the screen is off and therefore sincyng in the meanwhile. There are lots of such applications, data on demand works for me and is free.

Cycling the battery a few times from discharge to full charge. This has made truly a difference.

Using 2G most of the time rather than 3G. (I don’t have to do much, at work I’m in a dark spot with 2G coverage only).

All these measures combined, give me more than 20-30 hours of operation while at the beggining I could hadly get 8.

We also hear from twitter user RMMaurice that TaskPanel is a better alternative to Startup Auditor.

There was hope that the latest firmware version, R1FA016, that has slipped out to some around the world and pre-installed for others, would fix this, but it merely improves keyboard accuracy and other issues that were present. I found changing the keyboard style to the Android one was also helpful.

Please leave your tips in the comments.

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Apr 2010

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  • Xander

    If you are struggling with typing on the preinstalled keyboard then download Smart Keyboard off the Market. There is a free version but it doesnt have any prediction. If you google it you could find the paid version to download as I did too.
    It is by far the best keyboard you could have on android. I was just about to sell my X10 before I found this. Try it.

    • CJ

      Couldn’t agree more. The paid app only cost me 59p and along with the Say No To 08 App (which automatically suggests alternative local numbers registered to businesses instead of the 0890 numbers which companies seem so fond of using) actually changed my mind about the full phone!

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  • ne0phyte

    Look at this: Mugen Power has released a 3600mAh battery for Xperia. Check it out:

  • Nathan McGurl

    I'm not sure if I'm comforted or not by the fact that I'm not alone. I had sort of hope the problem was down to a defective battery.

    I am trying turning of things like wifi and also some of the data powered widgets I had liked (bbc news, weather). But still I can't get past 24 hours – even with the phone on standby. Today I've collected exchange emails and made three10 minute calls and I don't think I'll make 6 hours of battery life. The phone is beautiful for sure, but nothing can compensate for such a dreadful battery life.

    • bryank

      Try app killer and turn off the main apps, plus turn off Bluetooth and emails till you need to use them. my battery life has doubled.

      • Anonymous

        changing the subject, ever since i updated my xperia x10 to 2.1, i have not been able to print photos by downloading onto CPU, and then print on my printer… to do this??thanx.

  • krister461

    I just found a solution that actually works for me:
    Download Spare Parts – set “screen brightness” to auto.

    It doesn't really change the brightness, but for some reason it lets your phone sleep properly and my battery seems wastly improved! :)

  • Dagnachewl

    After I got my SE XPERIA 10i I loved many things in it and detested some. Battery life was one that hated. It stayed only a day even at standby mode. I googled here and there and followed this one. I changed Brightness from Auto to manual and kept it at very low (which still is excellent), I installed 'Advanced Task Killer” from Android Market. I left it to discharge completely and recharged it for about three hours. For me, that did the trick. I have a battery that is in its third day and still not complain'g that it is at '15%'. Miracle PS within those 3 days I have been listening to music, went to Android Market with WiFi, and …)

  • Symetrik

    Restart the phone after unplug… for some raison the phone starts to use ~5%CPU avery time you plug it (USB/CHarger) so its drain your battery even in stantby mod… So if you loose power in stantby mod try this and it will fix your problem ;)

    -no more problems

    • Symetrik

      Not seems to work after 2.1 update, the CPU use ~5% in stantby mod… I have contacted SE several times but they juste to stupid. This bug was fixed in later 1.6 update but they reintroduice it with 2.1 and even worse.. restarting not fix the problem in 2.1… I want my 4 days of normal use back!!!!!

  • Symetrik

    Restart the phone after unplug… for some raison the phone starts to use ~5%CPU avery time you plug it (USB/CHarger) so its drain your battery even in stantby mod… So if you loose power in stantby mod try this and it will fix your problem ;)

    -no more problems

  • Taranjeet Slatch

    Hey Guys good news, there is a software available for Xperia X10 family,

    Performances fixis :-

    1. New MediaScape
    2. Assess MediaScape when you change wallpaper from Home Screen
    3. Auto resize video when u play video in MediaScape
    4. New Build R2BA023
    5. Most Important Backup and Restore software by SE itself.

    pls update and let me know.

    Enjoy guys :-)

  • Rob

    I don't understand how to fix my battery. I have tried running it empty and charging several times, apps like task killer but is so temporamental! At one point it lasted 6 hours, then about 18, then 3 days, noy back to less than a day consistently. The thing that seems to waste the battery is both 'Cell Standby' and 'Phone Idle' because I'm purposely not using it for anything else. Does anyone else have this problem. I quite like the phone but am seriously thinking of getting rid of it because what use does anyone have for a phone that lasts less than a day?

    • John

      Rob I have done exactly the same thing and have the same problem. Have you found a solution?

  • Rob

    This doesn't work!

  • Simountain2

    I had issues with My X10 fully charged over night then by 6-7pm with moderate useage needing charging.
    I factory reset the phone yesterday and charged it overnight, Using NO task killer or anything the phoine was fully charged at 8am this morning using 3G only option.
    We are now 12.10 am and its still showing 71%
    after the factory reset gmail is set to to not sync only manually (Ive checked the settings) So I have left it like this for today and it has made a huge difference, could get 4 days out of it at this rate, and if it saves charging all the time I dont mind refreshing the gmail app to load my mail

    • Jamie_aga

      i agree to this post,
      1. lower brightness
      2. setting/acct&sync uncheck the backround data
      3.setting /location & security uncheck…..gps wireless
      4 setting /privacy uncheck use my location
      5. use only wifi..bluetooth if needed
      6. use advance task killer for closing app. that are not needed and that are automatically open themselves

      note regarding for push email, prefer to do it manually

  • Taranjeet Slatch

    i had a same problem, u can turn off the “Auto Brightness” it will help u.

  • Nireshann


    Just a comment about the battery life on the phone. Ive had my SE X10 for about 2 weeks, i also experienced very poor battery life on the first few battery charges, approx 10 hours of battery power with minimum usage, however after the first 10 cycles of charging / discharging, and a few changes with the phone, i know experience between 20-35 hours of battery power per charge! No kidding!
    Firstly you must charge / discharge cycle the phone 10x, but always make sure the battery completely drained first, before you charge.

    always remember to switch the phone off for a few seconds and then on again after a full charge, this for some reason really helps the overall battery availability.

    Set brightness to auto
    Make sure to turn off automatic update software search to manual (this uses a lot of power as the phone by default is set to automatic search and constantly searches in the background eating away valuable battery life)
    Turn MMS & Data off until it needs to be used
    Turn GPS off until it needs to be used
    This also prevents your apps and widgets from doing unnecesssary updates and prevents unnecessary usage of data

    Make sure you enable task manager for SE X10 and let it auto run always
    Install Task Killer advanced, run both programmes simultaneously.
    Set back light time out to 30 secs
    Install battery indicator app, which gives you a neat % on your status bar.

    Oh and by the way, try not to use timescape and mediascape as much, they are beautiful apps but drain way too much battery and there are neater better apps that can be used that dont compromise the battery much.
    Instead of timescape, use chompsms, it gives a wonderful alternative for sms/mms and mimics the iphone environment, and for media just download real player for android, its absolutely awesome for pics and videos, and also plays videos in widescreen format, the clarity is unbelievable, both apps are free from the market.

    These things have really helped me

    • Roger k

      this was very helpfull to me..
      i did much of the given advice mainly from here but also another reply…from only getting less than 12 hours on a charge…now from a full charge then power down and back up…ive been on standby for 24 hours and on 89% still…ive looked at the time a few times and sent and received one text…i now have a little more faith in this phone…thanks for the advice.

  • tina

    when i click the camera widget or the camera button on the side of the phone my phone turns off and restarts is anyone else having this issue?

    • MJM

      what firmware u using

  • opsguy

    I just downloaded the latest software update and there has been an amazing difference in the battery life – and I didn't change anything about the way I use the phone. Usually at this time of day, I have around 50% or less of battery life left after a full day, where it was fully charged by the morning. Right now, it's at 88%!!

    I installed the Battery Monitor app and I always have the GPS and Wifi shut off, unless I need them. I have the automatic data updates on for gmail and the calendar. The only thing I changed was the software update. Nice!

  • Heather2497


  • fox

    how do u update the software?

  • Manoj Eagle

    Me too have issue with X 10 battery life…. just drainz… !!!!!!
    Any solid solution..???? please mail me to

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  • Shinnin_star

    Hi Tina,
    I got myself an xperia X10 3 days back. Today being the 3rd day I’ve started facing the same issue, like you did i.e. when i click on the camer widget / the camera button the phone automatically restarts. Are you still facing this issue? If not then how did you resolve it?

    • Bruno Zanco

      I’m having the same problem with my Mini Xperia X10 with android 2.1
      You got something resolved?

      Bruno, from Brazil

  • angel x10

    ohhh…i have how many sony products gadgets,Some of these made me problem.
    First, my Sony Camera. The battery drained quickly.
    Then, my Sony Vaio laptop it just keep on shutting down everytime i switch it on through browsing in the internet I found out it is by fault for Vaio products which is battery has a tendency to overheat.
    Moreover, this experia 10 makes me crazy due to it’s battery charging problem and problem on low voice on the other line especially if you are outside even you full it already the volume.
    OMG, it’s too expensive and not worth it?

  • john

    Lol! I am the one who pays a higher price for this phone, then I am the one who pays the bill, then I am the one who is fixing the battery. Haha!!! Sony ericsson is just their ripping people off.

    • caro

      Totally agree, I took it back to the store yesterday, I thought the battery thing was a problem with my phone, they are supposed to test it or something like that, and tomorrow they will tell what’s gonna happen with it,

      I was really happy with it in the beginning, cause it has lots of stuff, and the camera make me choose it over the iphone, but now almost two weeks later I am doubting.

      Do you think its going to be avaible to record videos in hd? in the future?

      • Sony Insider

        Have you tried updating the firmware? Apparently a firmware update helps
        battery life a lot. It will definitely be able to record HD videos with the
        upcoming 2.1 firmware update that is coming in a month or two.


        Christopher MacManus
        Founder, Sony Insider

        The information contained in this message or any of its attachments may be
        confidential and is intended for the exclusive use of the addressee(s). Any
        disclosure, reproduction, distribution or other dissemination or use of this
        communication is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the
        sender. The views expressed in this email are those of the individual and
        not necessarily those of Sony, Sony Insider, or Sony affiliated companies.
        Sony Insider email is for business use only.

        • caro

          Hi, yeah I tried the update, but everytime I try to update there is an error message.
          Do you think I should keep this phone, or get an iphone?
          Cause I really love my sony products, you know the vaio and my ps3, but this phone is really making things hard

        • wax

          i just bought my x10 today and soon when i insert my simcard the screen turn black and also the same when i didnt insert simcard,the camera also got problem because when i take pictur i only can save 1 picture ant the other cannot save,,what happen actually,its not worth to buy expensive hp wof a problem like diz

          • MJM

            do a firmware update

  • Romello

    This telephone is a waste of my money. The battery doesn’t even last 2 hours, every time I signed in to my mail or the internet it restarts again and this for many times I can’t used it .Now I can’t even charge the battery it doesn not function.everything is death.

    • MJM

      take t to a mobile phone store n ask them to try another battery, also disable wifi, bluetooth, dim the brightness, set email syncs ect to every one hour, same with twitter and facebook, make sure u charged the battery correctly, download Taskpanel and kill apps like Moxier, face recognition ect if u don’t use them

  • Sergio

    So turning everything off?? whats the point of having a phone llike this if you CANT use it!?? this is unnaceptable!!! And its anoying to have to turn back on everything again “when you need it”???
    phone is really cool, battery is the worst I have ever used!.

    • MJM

      you dont have to turn everything off, just make small tweaks – disable wifi, bluetooth, dim the brightness, set email syncs ect to every one hour, same with twitter and facebook, make sure u charged the battery correctly, download Taskpanel and kill apps like Moxier, face recognition ect if u don’t use them and use alternatives to timescape/mediascape that are less cpu hungry

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  • Ex_elite

    Thank you all who added info and tips: had 3/4 battery power when started now over 24hrs and NOT one charge … and have 1/2 battery power. working great all the info I have seen here.

    Thanks Paul

  • Mesk2010

    i have an x10 mini pro but it froze on me then i took the battery out and now wen i turn it on it doesnt go anyfurther from the sony erricson screensaver at the beggining :S someone plese help me ,

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  • Jullian

    im using my second x10 now , i sent the first one back to sony ericsson due to the battery… they sent me a new one. it was good in the first 2-3 weeks.. it lasted atleast a day in HEAVY use (5hrs music, web browsing , camera , app downloads , games , heavy mssging etc.) now it doesnt even last a day in minimal nuse ( 30 txts , no calls , no music, time checking) i go to school so i dont use it that much.. that means it wont last from 3pm to around 10 pm ( i dont use it for almost anything i have my ipod for music and laptop for web browsing) … any help?

    • MJM

      disable wifi, bluetooth, dim the brightness, set email syncs ect to every one hour, same with twitter and facebook, make sure u charged the battery correctly, download Taskpanel and kill apps like Moxier, face recognition ect if u don’t use them, disable gps when not in use, once u charge the phone, unplug it and restart it, i think ebay does a better longer life battery as well, if u enter an area with no 3g or hsdpa, switch to 2g mode, saves a lot of battery life, let yur battery drain cmpletely a few times then fully recharge it

  • Jesen

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  • Kennyhewitson

    okay so i got my sony ericsson xperia x10a about 3 months ago and about a week ago i started experiencing the phone would randomly freeze restart itself and over heat and smell bad so my short term fix was to pull the battery and put it back in and restart it, iv been working to much to do anything lately but now i have a day off and want to do something about it. Iv updated it and nothing..iv tried redoing the update and its still doing it, also i was in a phone call and i was tlaking and my cheek started to get really warm and then the cal dropped and my phone restarted :/ also in note of it getting warm it smelled as well and at this point its every 10 minutes it randomly freezes, if im lucky i get a half hour use out of it

  • Ema135

    I’m experiencing problems. At first when i got the phone the battery seemed to be okay. I had 1.6 android. The 02 shops updated it for me to 2.1 and now the battery is hardly lasting. In the past 4 hours, I’ve only used wifi for 10mins, sent and received around 20 texts and not made any calls.

    The phone has gps, wifi, data, bluetooth etc all turned off. In the last 4 hours it’s already used 10% when it#s very light usage.

    I have only a few days before my trial period is up so I have to make my mind up now whether to keep the x10 or return it.

    I’ve always bought sony products as there’s always a 2 year warrenty and I really like their products, however at this rate I don’t think it will even last a year with the battery and that the phone is a gig for phone book and apps etc to be installed on rather then on the memory card.

    I just don’t know what to do.


    • Iesys

      I have had this phone for 1 month now. For the first few days I noticed the battery life was woeful, 2days at best.
      So I went through the phone settings and started switching off all the stuff I didn’t need, firstly get rid of live wallpapers, disable phone data send, go into the apps and kill all moxier stuff and set the phone to 1 network if you live in one of those areas that causes the phone keep swapping from 2g to 3G.

      I have just put the phone on the charger, it has been running for 5 days and was at 40 percent when I put it on the charger. I am a light user, a couple of calls and a few texts per day and the odd game or wifi use. This phone will last 8 to 9 days on 1 charge.

  • Klein Agyemang

    am also facing the same battery problem. and again their charging system when is down no other alternative than universal charger

  • Tofi Fi

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  • Iam Stockier

    After not having used the X10 for months, the battery life has degraded so much as to be unusable.. 2 hours, tops, on STANDBY.  And this is with an excellent battery management app. The idea that you can get 20-30 hours is insane.

  • Jordon

    Hi guys I got the X10 it is a great phone no doubt but I got the battery saver app and it says that I only have like 1min 20sec usage after overnight charging. Can anyone explain why because I thought it was just a faulty battery?

  • robert

    my phone just shut down, it was charged, now it won’t turn on. Any suggestions?