Is Sony Discontinuing PS2?

It’s been interesting to watch a fun ride of PlayStation 2 since its conception and it has been a fun one! For Sony it has been one of the best selling products and with its price adjustments as years passed by, it became a very affordable console. However, we have been getting a vibe that pretty soon PlayStation 2 may be disappearing from the shelves of the stores. If you shop around for it now you may notice a slight price adjustment which comes to $99.97 which for pretty much means stores will not be ordering anymore from Sony. It may very well signal the end of the beloved PS2.

To stay on the news of the PlayStation world, here is another interesting insider piece of information for you. Remember Sony mentioned that there would be a shortage of PlayStation 3 this time around? Apparently the reason for this is due to the limited availability of Blu-ray drives for the past few months. Hopefully the supply of those parts is being taken care of and PlayStation 3 units will be populating store shelves as usual.

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