Meet The Black Crocodile Skin VAIO P

At the dawn of a new decade, Sony has once again pushed the bar for design and innovation. If you really think about it, Sony does create some of the most uniquely styled devices that truly differentiate it from the rest. That may sound totally pompous, but I’ve seen what else is out there and when something like a Crocodile Skin VAIO P pops up I laugh to myself. The guys at Sony Design are like “Hey HP/Apple/Dell/Samsung/Asus/etc, this is where we are at now – a black crocodile skin textured lifestyle PC.” And the others respond “Hey, we don’t really make those fancy lifestyle things you are talking about there, we make netbooks, notebooks, and laptops.” Sony Japan counters, “Well, our P can fit in a pants rear pocket.” And runs away.

Maybe that didn’t happen, but the new black crocodile skin VAIO P is pretty cool looking. We just wish they would offer these kind of luxury editions in an appropriate luxury retail space, such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman and other similar institutions of high fashion. Take this VAIO P, run a super limited in number in the USA, and place it next to the purses at these aforementioned stores. That way when the couple is purse shopping and the lady is taking her time, the hubby can get check this out.

Notable features in this year’s version of the VAIO P vary from region to region. This Crocodile skin VAIO P is (for now) an exclusive in Japan, and can be customized to include hardware such as the Atom Z560 with Intel US15X Chipset (266MHz GPU), 256GB SSD, and the optional 12.5 hour extended battery. This is pretty nice on top of the one touch resolution button (changes it from 120dpi to 96dpi), GPS with compass, location search for finding necessities (google maps), instant-on web browser (no OS needed), and more. They also made it an audiophile’s dream by incorporating noise canceling headphones once again this year. And one of the newest additions, two buttons are on the left side of the screen (for left and right click) and to the right there is an optical sensor that allows you to control the mouse (there is a mouse controller in the keyboard as well).

There is also a built-in gyroscope, also known as an accelerometer that can detect the direction you are holding the notebook and change screen orientation making it easy to read long lines of text on the 8 inch (1600×768) screen. Other notables include 2 USB ports, 802.11a/b/g/n, bluetooth, and the fantastic Windows 7.

It also has compatibility with Remote Play so you can view video or play games from your PS3 at home.

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