PlayStation CEO Talks PS3 And Its 3D Future

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, detailed the future of Playstation 3D gaming at a recent Sony 3D TV launch event in the Sony Pictures Studios lot. He spoke in front of an audience of about one hundred press and executives in Sony, including Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony.

Initially, Tretton began by talking about the strength of the PlayStation brand over the past 15 years. Highlighting the strength of that brand, and how the PS2 is in over 145 million homes to date. He discussed how the PS2 and the decision to use DVD as format assisted in establishing the DVD and that the PS3 has had a major role in establishing Blu-ray.

Considering the success of the Playstation brand, and it’s ability to change the way that consumers interact with technology, he made mention that the PS3 is now poised to drive 3D adoption. And we couldn’t agree more – in fact, the PS3 will most likely be the only true 3D home gaming console in 2010 and for the majority of 2011. Our experiences with 3D gaming on the Playstation 3 have also been overwhelmingly positive, even in difficult fast-paced racing games like Wipeout 3D.

Next, he revealed some interesting numbers. According a survey, PS3 owners are most likely to have their system connected to a high definition television, a surround system, and use their console as their primary dvd player compared to other consoles. He described PS3 owners as “voracious technophiles” who are the early adopters, and who are ready for the next step in home entertainment.

Stating that 3D is critical for the PS3, he had a survey that highlighted just what some PS3 owners are thinking. In that survey, 63% are aware of 3D games,  71% say it’s important, and more than half indicated they would use their PS3 more because of 3D content.  For those who aren’t PS3 owners, their purchase intent goes up, when they find out about the PS3’s 3D capabilities.

With the current install base being at 35 million and projected to be at 50 million by early next year, he mentioned that the PS3 is positioned perfectly as the 3D home entertainment hub. And a key feature of that hub is gaming. He commented that this year alone, over 20 gaming titles that are stereoscopic 3D compatible would be released. There is going to be a genre for everyone from the core gamer to the casual one.

Owner’s can expect a true 3D experience as he stated:

These titles are not being converted to 3D, they are being created in 3D

While only mentioning by name a few title such as Pain, and Killzone 3, he didn’t want to steal the thunder of E3, and he promised more specific information next week.

A big part of the PS3 strategy is motion gaming, and 3D is going to play a pivotal role in that. He confirmed that The Fight: Lights Out for the move, will be available in 3D. When mentioning the PlayStation Move, Mr. Tretton said:

Gamers won’t just be able to enjoy the game, or be surrounded by the game, they will also be in the game.

To drive 3D even further, anyone in the US, Canada, or Mexico who buys a 3D Bravia will receive a voucher to download four unique gaming experiences for free, including 3D demos of Pain and Motor Storm: Pacific Right, and full games of Wipeout HD and Super Stardust. Reminding everyone of the value of the PS3 he reiterated that “It Only Does Everything”

Sony is again positioning themselves very strongly in the 3D arena, and keeping the momentum high as we move forward to E3.

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