Roll Call: Sony PlayStation Move Reviews

The long wait is nearly over. The PlayStation Move, revealed in June of last year, is now coming to North America on September 17, the PAL region and most Asian markets on September 15, and in Japan on October 21. It’s really exciting to see such an incredible accessory like the very accurate Move controller system coming to the PS3. Move is going to have innovative titles at launch and unlimited potential for the future of the console. In some ways, the PlayStation Move is something that almost reinvents the PS3. It’s a really accurate motion controller attached to a HD-capable powerhouse. Sign me up. For existing PS3 owners, its almost a no brainer to buy this. I’m pretty lucky I won’t have to spend as much as others, as I already have an PlayStation Eye camera.

Want to learn more about the Move? You have to check out the post on PlayStation blog, “PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ.” The information there is really comprehensive and answers so many questions about the PlayStation Move. And it’s not just the usual boring FAQ. There are some gems in there, especially since the majority of the questions are user-submitted from the community. Must read.

I know that some of you may not play your PS3 as much as you used to. I have several friends who are like that and have seen that rhetoric elsewhere. Even I go for little stretches of time and play games on my PC (currently addicted to BF:BC2). I miss console gaming, though, and while I loved the Wii there was something missing in it for me. I wanted something in HD, mind blowing graphics (and long draw distances), online gaming, and had the FPS titles that could keep me locked in and satisfied. So when I saw the Move sub-controller demonstration for SOCOM, where someone played a FPS very accurately, I knew i had to get into it. And the Move it’s something my girlfriend and I can do together.

She’s very competitive, so this will easily tire her out on those certain nights.

The PlayStation Move has received critical acclaim overall with most major sites giving it positive reviews. If you are more of the type to look at a product on video, check out this search link on YouTube that has many video reviews and demos of the PlayStation Move. Be sure to check out the links below as well for more detailed analysis of the whole experience.

Game Informer gave it an 8 out of 10 saying “The PlayStation Eye and motion controller are a killer combination for accurate and highly responsive motion-based gameplay, and we applaud Sony for getting the hardware right the first time.”

Kotaku praised its accuracy, design, use of augmented reality and said that “The Playstation Move is a intuitive, natural feeling way to play games and it brings with it not only a sense of increased immersion to already graphically immersive games, but a new way to play with your reality and a refreshing form of colorful feedback.”

IGN gave the Move an 8.5 out of 10, noting that the launch line-up of games for the controller was insufficient though it summarized by saying “At the end of the day, the PlayStation Move has the potential to be the best motion control system on the current crop of consoles.”

Joystiq praised the Move saying “The hardware’s great, and I can see it being used in a multitude of really cool ways, but of course it’s only as cool as the games that use it” and that the launch line-up was not worth the purchase at launch though it believes that the Move would be worth the purchase in early 2011 due to a stronger line-up of games such as SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3.

CVG gave the Move an extremely positive review awarding it 9 out of 10 saying that “Sony’s motion control gets beyond being a gimmick. We found ourselves constantly itching for “one more go”.” The Guardian strongly criticized the Move’s launch line-up, though it noted that the hardware was strong and that after playing with the Move it was “very hard to go back to the relative inaccuracy of the Wii.”

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