Sony Japan Introduces CMT-L7D Walkman Dock

Sony’s latest addition to ever expanding line up of Walkman Docks is this quite versatile, do it all multimedia hub – CMT-L7D. It is by far more than just a Walkman Dock. With its 9-inch LCD and an output of 100W, it will play your DVDs as well as become a Photo Frame with various transition effects, when not in use you can use it as a clock or a calendar. There is also support for an external USB device, SD cards and Sony’s memory stick with MP3, WMA and AAC file support. Quite a versatile system! I only see one thing that is missing – a touch screen. 9 inches of LCD estate would be perfect for touch functions, swiping and scrolling and even better if Sony could slap Dash features into this thing, it would definitely rock. But since we most likely will not see this product hitting US shelves (most likely), we will be content.

It should be out in October for about $600. Check out video and pics below. You may read more about it in Japanese here.

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