Sony Google TV Pricing Correction

Several days ago we posted a story about sizing and pricing information for the upcoming family of Sony Internet/Google TV’s set for launch on October 12th. The story was based on what we thought was a bulletproof source that had the MSRP’s clearly listed. When Stan (our co-editor who wrote the original post) showed me the source, I told him the information was a slam dunk and to get the post out as soon as possible.

We stand by our original reporting of model numbers and sizes, which include four options – NSX-24GT1 (24′), NSX-32GT1 (32′), NSX-40GT1 (40′), and NSX-46GT1 (46′). The news spread like wildfire, and appeared all over the Internet. Several sources have come forward to us after our story with a pricing correction. Unfortunately, our original price quotes on these new Sony Internet TV’s was wrong, and are happy to report it will cost far less than expected.

In fact, we have word from a strong source that the NSX-46GT1 (46′) will cost only $1399, which is a far cry from the $1899 we initially reported. The smaller displays in this range should be several hundred dollars less as they go lower.

We pride ourselves at Sony Insider in having great coverage of Sony news and endeavors, and take incredible risk in reputation for those who carry our content, ourselves, and Sony when posting “leaks” and other “insider” information. Unfortunately, errors do happen, and we will work even harder in the future to ensure what we publish is completely accurate.

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Oct 2010

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    The news spread like wildfire, and appeared all over the Internet.

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    Sony Google TV Pricing Correction

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